Mark Uncapher to run for State Party Secretary

Former Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Mark Uncapher has announced that he is running for Maryland Republican Party Secretary. Below is an email released to his fellow members on the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee:
Between now and Election Day we have a great deal to accomplish.

However as you know, at the Fall Maryland State Party Convention on December 2–3, 2016 in Frederick, our state party will be electing a new leadership team. Not only will our current Chairman Diana Waterman not running for reelection, but there will be additional vacancies, including Party Secretary.

We need the strongest possible party leadership team in order to elect Republicans in 2018. This begins with reelecting Governor Hogan, but extends as well to strongly supporting our other statewide, state legislative, Congressional and local government candidates.

I have decided to run for State Party Secretary. In addition to the formal responsibilities of the position, with the concurrence of whoever is elected Chairman, I intend to focus on strengthening the state party message and communications activities.

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Getting our message out remains one of the daunting challenges we face as a party in Maryland, especially given the partisan hostility of the major media outlets covering our state. Yet while other state parties to have a dedicated communications staff person, we have not the resources to do so

When I became Montgomery County Chairman eight years ago, we launched our regular MCGOP Party Line newsletter. Since then it has grown to a subscriber base of nearly 10,000. Since stepping aside as Chairman three years ago, I have remained a regular contributor. Similarly our committee’s use of electronic and social media is a model for other county organizations.

Let’s be clear – as Republicans and as conservatives – we have common sense alternatives to offer voters. Ours is a party of ideas. But to prevail politically, we must more effectively communicate them.

That’s why I will be running for State Party Secretary.

Mark Uncapher

The current Maryland GOP Secretary is John Wafer.

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