I Told You Leopold Would Be Back

John Leopold fought very hard to get the prohibition on running for office removed from his sentencing for one very good reason; he’s an egomaniac who cares about nothing but his own gratification and only for his own sense of self-importance. Of course you already knew that based on the activities which he was engaged with during his term as County Executive that led to the misconduct charges.
– Me, 3/26/2014

I’ve been warning you for years that an unrepentant John Leopold would be looking to worm his way back into the political spotlight. Last year he went public with his desire to return to public office in the most bizarre way possible. But now, Leopold is taking more overt measures:

Former County Executive John R. Leopold, who resigned in 2013 after a judge found him guilty of misconduct, might attempt a return to politics.

Leopold, 73, said he is considering a run for office in 2018 — though he hasn’t yet decided which office.

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The Republican from Pasadena has launched an “exploratory” campaign website and is starting to knock on doors to gauge voter interest.

“I love public service; I still have a passion for it. I still enjoy helping people one-on-one,” he said.

Leopold said he’s most likely eyeing a local race, such as the County Council or a seat in the House of Delegates, and will make a final decision “toward the end of 2017.”

“It’s not a 100 percent certainty that I am (running), but I want to be prepared and do all the necessary work,” he said.

Spoiler alert: He’s running. Leopold has only skipped one election cycle since 1968; and that was the 2014 cycle where he was barred from running for office until after the filing deadline. And as (oddly) probably the foremost scholar on John Leopold’s political history, here’s a primary:

  • He was elected to the Hawaii Board of Education in 1968;
  • Elected to the Hawaii House of Representatives in 1970; re-elected in 1972
  • Elected to the Hawaii State Senate in 1974;
  • Unsuccessful Republican nominee for Governor of Hawaii in 1978;
  • After moving to Missouri and subsequently returning to Hawaii; was elected to the Republican National Convention as a delegate as an anti-Reagan delegate and fought Reagan’s small Government agenda;
  • Was an unsuccessful candidate for Mayor of Honolulu in 1980;
  • Moved to Maryland, where he was district shopping until he settled on District 31, when he was elected to the House of Delegates;
  • Re-elected to the House of Delegates in 1986;
  • Explored a run for Anne Arundel County Executive and openly flirted with becoming a Democrat; stayed a Republican and lost a State Senate Race in Phil Jimeno, all in 1990;
  • Went House shopping in Carroll County, threatening to move there; ultimately was re-elected to the House in District 31;
  • Went House shopping in District 32; ultimately was re-elected to the House in District 31;
  • Knocked on doors as a potential candidate for U.S. Senate in 2000; ultimately passed on the race;
  • Was re-elected to the House of Delegates in 2002;
  • Elected County Executive in 2006 and 2010 before, as you know, being thrown out of office as a disgrace in 2013.

And that doesn’t even account some of his non-elected activities, such as being State Director for Planned Parenthood of Hawaii.

Nobody really wants John Leopold to run. He’s a crook, hoisted on his own petard, and resigned in disgrace thanks to his own actions. That, after all of that, he thinks that he should be returned to an office of public trust is sad. That, at the age of 73, he feels like he needs to continue his 50-year political career in office is of itself sad. He has literally no other accomplishments in his life other than to be elected to office every four year over the course of five decades. It’s like without running for office he has an emptiness in his soul. He deserves our pity for that, but he certainly does not deserve to be given a mandate of public authority.

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