Anne Arundel County Goes All in on Transgender Bathrooms

Anne Arundel County Public Schools is going all in on providing special privileges for transgender students.

A training video entitled “Supporting Transgender Students in Schools” is available on the AACPS YouTube page. It is not listed on their public profile, and the link was first reported by  the Arundel News Network.

Please watch the entire thing (before the School System takes it down, at least).

Key points of this video include:

  • Students can identify as whatever gender they want;
  • Teachers have to call the students whatever names and pronouns that they want;
  • Students must be allowed to use whatever rest rooms and locker rooms;
  • Protections extend to overnight field trips, where students must be allowed to bunk with the gender that they most identify with (that specifically starts around minute 28 of the video), and that information cannot be shared with the parents of those other children.
  • In one of stranger bits of the video, one AACPS staff members says “This is not about giving transgender kids special treatment, it’s about making sure they aren’t treated differently.”

Toward the end of the video, one of the presenters states that “in a few years” Anne Arundel County Schools will have moved to gender neutral bathrooms.

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This is a good time to point out that students in Anne Arundel County are believed to not be mature enough to consume a cough drop without going to the nurse’s office and having written permission from a parent, but the student is believed by the school system to make a mature and informed decision that they identify as a different gender than their biological gender.

This issue is not going away, but parents and taxpayers should understand what the underlying issues are and to understand what rules public school children are going to be subjected to these requirements this year and moving forward.

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