The Sun’s Article About the “Maryland Republican Divide” is Bull

The Baltimore Sun is doing its part to try and drive a wedge between the Governor Larry Hogan and Maryland Republicans by attempting to stoke a division that isn’t there.

The article is titled “Larry Hogan’s split with Donald Trump divides Maryland Republicans.” Except that there is only scant evidence presented in an effort to prove that such a divide actually exists.

While a loud minority predicts that Hogan will be challenged in the 2018 primary because of his opposition to Trump, a broad swath of resigned Republicans hope party members can make up before Hogan seeks re-election in a state dominated by Democrats.

Where is this loud minority? Who are these people? There is not a single credible Republican who is actually predicting that the Governor will be challenged based solely on his opposition to Trump.

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The Sun did manage to find three members of the Republican Central Committee who were willing to trash Governor Hogan on the record though. One was Joe Collins, Jr. of Baltimore City:

“I don’t see any other way about it. You’re either helping Trump or you’re helping Hillary Clinton,” said Joe Collins Jr., a Trump delegate from Baltimore.

“You’re not the ordinary Joe Schmo,” Collins said of the governor. “You’re the top of the Maryland Republican Party ticket. At that time, you need to get behind the nominee, or you need to keep your mouth shut. If you can’t support him, then you need to be quiet and go sit in your corner until the game is over.”

Ignoring the fact that Collins employs the usually logic-free analysis of “helping Clinton” it’s almost unfathomable to think that a sitting member of the Central Committee would actively trash the sitting Governor of his own party like this.

One Central Committee member to whom its less surprising to hear anti-Hogan nonsense out of is Matthew Adams of Somerset County:

“There’s a level of arrogance. ‘We don’t need you. We got elected,'” said Matthew Adams, co-chair of the Somerset County Republican Central Committee. “We got the message: ‘Don’t ask. Not coming.'”

Adams, a Trump supporter, said Hogan needs to remember that after he won the Republican primary in 2014 Adams and others who backed Hogan’s opponents threw themselves into Hogan’s general election campaign.

“Had those us who were not fans of Larry Hogan stuck to our guns and said we’re not going to support him, he would not be governor right now,” Adams said.

Adams of course was a Charles Lollar flunky in the 2014 election who isn’t a fan of Red Maryland and was behind an anonymous pro-Lollar smear website. Nor is it even accurate. Governor Hogan entered into an agreement with the Maryland Republican Party on joint fundraising after the 2014 primary. Governor Hogan and his campaign, as a matter of fact, have done more for the Maryland Republican Party than almost anybody has; certainly he has done more than former Governor Bob Ehrlich ever did.

Ironically, Adams accused me of airing the dirty laundry of the State Party to…..the Baltimore Sun

The craziest thing that Adams said was “I think he’s just ostracized himself from the core conservative wing of his party.” Crazy insofar as that Adams is saying this as an avowed supporter of the left-wing, pro-abortion, anti-gun, pro-tax, pro-Hillary candidate Trump.

Then we get to Frederick County Councilman Bill Shreve. Shreve is also Chairman of the Frederick County Central Committee (as we wrote about here) and wants to be Frederick County Executive, but that didn’t stop him from trashing Governor Hogan, too.

He warned that Hogan may not be as popular with the GOP base as he thinks.

“You have 15,000 people at the Trump event in Hagerstown,” he said. “Tell me when you’ve ever seen 5,000 people at a Hogan event.”

A Chairman of a Central Committee, especially one who wants to run for higher office, should probably know better. But he doesn’t.

That the Baltimore Sun found a few Republicans who are out-of-touch with the majority of Maryland Republicans is not surprising. That there were a few anti-Hogan Republicans, many of them keyboard warriors who are still bitter about the 2014 Republican primary, who were willing to see their names in the paper is not surprising either. But that the Baltimore Sun would act like there is a great divide between pro-Trump and pro-Hogan Republicans is absolutely absurd and ethically challenged. The majority of pro-Trump Republicans have absolutely no issue with Governor Hogan. It’s a dishonest statement from the get-go and they have to know that.

However, a few bad apples do not spoil the bunch. Governor Hogan will not have a serious primary challenger in 2018, he will win the primary overwhelmingly, and he will go on to be re-elected. It’s just a damn shame that the Sun wants to pretend that there’s something more, possibly to try to divert attention away from how much of a train wreck the Maryland Democratic Party is these days.

There’s only one for the Sun’s story: it’s bull.

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