Facts and Reality when it comes to Trump

Another story in The Baltimore Sun today talks about the GOP convention without actually understanding what’s happening.

John Fritze wrote a story talking about the “new blood” that could shape the future of the Republican Party here in Maryland. Once again though, it’s a Sun story that treats as facts a few things that are not true.

First, Fritze tries to relate Donald Trump’s primary election victory to State Senator Mike Hough’s victory over David Brinkley in 2014. Those two men could not be more different from each other. Senator Hough is a solid hard-working conservative we were happy to support; Donald Trump is neither of those things.

Then, Fritze tries to tie Trump to David Bossie’s election as National Committeeman:

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If Hough’s win can be explained by redistricting, then a little-noticed intraparty election earlier this year may be more difficult to dismiss. In that race, David Bossie, head of the conservative group Citizens United, managed to unseat veteran Louis Pope as Maryland’s point man to the Republican National Committee.

Bossie was chosen by a wide margin of party insiders just minutes after Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford gave an impassioned speech in support of Pope. Many Republicans note that Rutherford and Pope are personally close — and say Hogan’s involvement was nil — but the optics of state Republicans soundly rejecting a candidate supported by Hogan’s No. 2 are hard to write off.

Of course this ignores a few things that actually happened as it relates to this race and that convention, mainly that David Bossie was expected to win by a wide-margin long before the Lt. Governor showed up and that Bossie’s win had more to do with conservatism and Pope’s running for National Committeeman as a three-term incumbent who had worn out his welcome with many Central Committee members than it did anything else.

Finally, we get to this section:

Another question is whether becoming a more conservative, anti-establishment party helps the GOP in a state such as Maryland, where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans by better than 2-1. Hogan and former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr., the last Republican to win a statewide election before Hogan, were successful in part because they avoided the divisive rhetoric in which Trump has reveled.

Hogan, one of two GOP governors nationwide who has said he will not vote for Trump, won in off-presidential election year, when fewer Democrats showed up to the polls. A challenge for party leaders will be to capture the energy Trump has created and somehow translate that into Hogan’s 2018 re-election bid — despite Hogan’s distaste for their candidate.

This is somewhat another call back to last week’s preposterous article which itself was cheap journalism to parrot Democratic talking points. Is the Maryland Republican Party becoming “a more conservative, anti-establishment party?” Well, it’s hard to say really. If you remember back to 2014, Diana Waterman was re-elected was State Party Chairman without opposition. Libertarian Collins Bailey was trounced in his re-election for 1st Vice-Chairman by “establishment” pick Mary Burke-Russell. Incumbent Larry Helminiak was overwhelmingly re-elected. The only “anti-establishment” candidate it could be argued who won was 3rd Vice-Chairman Eugene Craig. Even this year at the Spring Convention, incumbent Nicolee Ambrose was unopposed for re-election as National Commiteewoman, and the list of at-large Delegates selected at that Convention includes a Congressman, the Senator Minority Leader, a County Executive, a former First Lady, and the State Young Republicans Chairman. Hardly an “anti-establishment” tidal wave.

Ironically the most “anti-establishment” primary candidate recently was Larry Hogan.

But Fritze’s idea that Trump is somehow leading the Republican Party generally and the Maryland Republican Party in particular is patently absurd. One would have to assume that Trump is somehow a conservative despite being for abortion, against guns, against free trade, and for media censorship among other things. Maybe Fritze should write instead about how Maryland Democrats, not Republicans, are the ones lining up behind Donald Trump.

Once again, the Sun has tried to create problems for Governor Hogan’s re-election with the Republican base. However, the facts of this again do not line up with the reality.

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