Chris Van Hollen Must Think Abortion is Hilarious

Wednesday, in a surprise to nobody, Chirs Van Hollen gleefully accepted the endorsement of NARAL yesterday:

“The last thing we need is an anti-choice senator at this critical moment,” Van Hollen said at the Silver Spring event Wednesday as he continued to lump Szeliga in with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. “These are people who are on the record, they’ve got voting records.”

NARAL of course is the oldest and most radical pro-abortion group in America. They believe that there should be no restrictions whatsoever on this barbaric practice.

That Van Hollen would happily accept their endorsement isn’t a surprise. What’s surprising is the fact that Maryland Democrats are trying to employ the same strategy against Kathy Szeliga that failed to work in 2014 against Larry Hogan.The only thing that’s different between this race and that race is that fact that the Democratic line of attack that Republicans are anti-woman looks even more absurd and desperate when Van Hollen’s Republican opponent is a woman and when Democrats reject a female candidate of their own in the primary.

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But that’s not what we really want to talk about. We want to talk about the sick and disgusting video that the freaks at NARAL produced. I will give you a trigger warning if you at all have a conscience.

That’s right. These disturbed people think that not only are abortions great, but that they’re also hilarious. As Elizabeth Scalia writes, it’s grotesque and sad.

Mind you a lot of the things that they say in the video are complete inaccurate, something that Bre Payton notes at The Federalist:

When the pair finally finds an abortion clinic, the abortionist informs them they must leave and come back 32 hours later due to state laws. In reality, there are no significant restrictions on abortion in the state of California, where the video seems to be based. Women in California aren’t required to wait a certain period of time before obtaining an abortion, nor are girls under 18 required to obtain parental consent.

The abortionist then says she’s required by law to show photos of Wetterlund’s baby in utero, and proceeds to show her a photo of her unborn baby and a healthy 10-year-old boy — presumably the baby she’s carrying.

Only 25 states have some sort of an ultrasound requirement, but California is not among them. Some states merely require abortionists to provide women access to an ultrasound if they want one.

At the end of the visit, the abortionist says it’s probably easier to just “go to a place where it’s legal, like Canada or Uruguay.” Ironically, women seeking an abortion in Uruguay must first consult a gynecologist, mental health professional, and social worker and engage in a five-day “reflection period” first, whereas in the United States the longest waiting period is 72 hours.

So NARAL, a radical pro-abortion group hellbent on ensuring that the killing of innocent unborn children remains legal and prevalent, has no problem making a comedy about the process of abortion and use untrue and fabricated facts in order to prove their point. And their champion in Maryland is Chris Van Hollen.

So I’ve got some questions for Mr. Van Hollen:

1. Do you find abortion as hilarious as NARAL does?
2. NARAL suggests that it is easier to get an abortion in Uruguay than in the U.S. Will you sponsor legsilation to replicate these Uruguyan laws?
3. Are there any restrictions on abortion that you do support?

If Chris Van Hollen wants to enjoy the embrace of a group so radical and so far out of the mainstream of civilized conversation, he needs to answer for their actions. Which must mean that Chris Van Hollen, like NARAL, thinks abortion is hilarious.

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