What Happened in Frederick County?

A few interesting, under the radar developments with the Frederick County Republican Central Committee that seem to be puzzling.

It had been announced a few months back that the Frederick County Central Committee had secured Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky to be the speaker for their Lincoln Reagan Dinner. The announced date was June 20th.

Today, I received an invitation for a fundraiser to a Garden Party being held at the home of Amie Hoeber and Mark Epstein on behalf of the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee. The event is being held on June 20th and the guest speaker is……Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky.

When you go to the Frederick County Republican Central Committee website there is no information at all about a Lincoln Reagan Dinner and makes mention only of a “Free Speech Friday” event being held at Flying Dog Brewery in celebration of Flying Dog’s big First Amendment win.  No mention of a cancellation, no mention of Congressman Massie. Nothing.

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So what happened to the event? Not many people seem to know. Having talked to some folks up in the Frederick County, it seems like that Central Committee had the Congressman and had a venue for the dinner on June 20th but couldn’t actually make the dinner happen for unknown reasons.

Is this related to the turmoil in Central Committee leadership? It’s possible after Joey Lynn Hough was replaced by County Councilman Billy Shreve as Chairman for this year. Frederick County held a successful Lincoln-Reagan Dinner last year with Congressman Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, but that dinner was held in September instead of June.

Frederick County, of course, is an important county for Republicans and turmoil is not something that is needed or necessary. Republicans already lost the County Executive race last year, Blaine Young has been caught up in legal drama and of course the Bud Otis situation is a mess. Republicans around Maryland need a strong Frederick County party in order to prepare for Governor Hogan’s re-election in 2018. If this is a sign of turmoil and disarray from Central Committee leadership (which let’s face it; booking a Congressman for a dinner and that dinner never happening is not a good thing) let’s hope that it gets under control and that the Central Committee finds its footing.

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