The Sun should do some research of its own

The Baltimore Sun lept to the defense of Brian Frosh today. Probably without realizing the case that they were making.

In an effort to make Brian Frosh look like a champion of the little guy, the editorial board of the Baltimore Sun had this to say:

Two weeks ago, the science-averse Texas Republican who chairs the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology sent out letters clearly meant to scare off the 17 state attorneys general investigating potential climate fraud perpetrated by the fossil fuel industry. This week, Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh struck back with a withering reply that should make his constituents proud.

“You state, without any foundation, that the actions of this office ‘may even amount to an abuse of prosecutorial discretion,'” Mr. Frosh writes in the letter to Rep. Lamar Smith dated Tuesday. “If you have any basis whatsoever for that assertion, please let us know what it is. Absent such explanation, your letter looks like an attempt to intimidate this office or to thwart it from performing its constitutional functions.”

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That’s a real interesting take from Brian Frosh isn’t it. Because the Frosh’s letter refers back to foundation and basis. The foundation and basis for such a claim would of course be in the papers and workings of the Attorney General and his staff. Specifically his workings with the other members of this global warming consortium.

Funny that I didn’t see the Baltimore Sun standing up to champion Red Maryland’s Public Information Act request for documents from Brian Frosh and the Office of the Attorney General for documents related to the Attorney General’s involvement in AGs United for Clean Energy.

Now, you haven’t seen a lot of traffic from Red Maryland on our attempts to investigate Frosh and the Office of the Attorney General on their involvement in these climate dealings. The reason, to date, is that the Office of the Attorney General wanted to charge us in the range of $1500-$2400 for the full set of documents that we were requesting. We are working with them on remedies in order to allow us, as members of the media, full access with waived fees to the documents.

Now the Sun and its editorial board decided to use several hundred words to sing the praises of Brian Frosh and imply that he is standing up for the little guy against big business. Of course, we don’t actually know that because what the Sun fails to note is the fact that the global warming cartel is a big business all of its own. But we, the taxpayers of Maryland, deserve to know what organizations and groups Frosh is in bed with when it comes to this lawsuit. As I wrote at the time, if Attorney General Brian Frosh is colluding with other groups and other agencies to suppress free speech and to attack those who do not agree with the alleged “consensus” regarding global warming, the people of Maryland have a right to know about it.

To date though, the Baltimore Sun has lacked the intellectual curiosity to ask those questions or request those documents.

The Baltimore Sun and its editorial board has every right to to pretend that Brian Frosh is a champion for the people. However if they really want to help us figure out if he is or not, the Sun should join Red Maryland in its pursuit of these documents and the pursuit of the truth. Otherwise, they are merely blowing smoke to help make a Democrat look good.

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