Maryland Democrats Back Donald Trump

In the run to politicize all of the things after the horrific shooting in Orlando, Maryland Democrats led by Speaker Mike Busch are once again floating their idea of tying gun purchases in Maryland to the no-fly list:

In the wake of the Orlando, Fla., massacre, top Maryland Democrats plan to renew a push to ban people on terrorist watch lists from buying guns here.

House Speaker Michael E. Busch said Thursday the legislation will be “a top priority” for next year’s session, and he will call lawmakers back to Annapolis before then for briefings.

“You can’t stand by and let these incidents take place,” Busch said in an interview. “You have individuals who are unstable and want to do people harm. You have to do everything in your power to make sure they don’t have access to the firepower.”

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Sen. Bobby Zirkin, chairman of the Judicial Proceedings Committee, said “it’s a no-brainer,” and he’ll work to move it out of his panel, where a similar bill failed this year.

“As a statement for our state, I certainly hope that we pass it, and pass it quickly, next year,” said Zirkin, a Baltimore County Democrat. “In order for it to mean anything, Congress has to act. … If it’s only done in a couple of states, it means nothing. It’s still the right thing to do.”

This of course is not a surprise. Democrats in Maryland have never been fans of due process, and were calling for its end earlier this year back in December. As I said at the time:

Of course, often times people wind up on the no-fly list and have no idea why. The fact that the Maryland Democratic Party thinks that constitutional rights should be subjects to the whims of the government bureaucracy are chilling and, in fact, patently un-American. After all, why does the Maryland Democratic Party think that individuals such as the late Senator Ted Kennedy, Senator Ted Stevens, Congressman John Lewis, Congressman Don Young, or the 53 anti-war activists that Martin O’Malley put on the terror watch list should have their constitutional rights restricted?

The Maryland Democratic Party’s attempts to shadow govern by press release are cute, however they are not indicative of real solutions and instead show that the Maryland Democratic Party does not understand how gun laws in Maryland work nor do they respect the civil liberties of Maryland’s citizens.

The awkward part of all of this is the fact that their position on guns and the no-fly list makes them 100% allied with…..Donald Trump:

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump endorsed a ban Wednesday on terror suspects buying guns, a position that put him at odds with some in his party and the influential National Rifle Association, which argues such laws violate the rights of people who haven’t been convicted of wrongdoing.

This of course wasn’t a surprise to anybody who has been paying attention. Trump has spent more of his life as a Democrat than as a Republican, and has often supported President Barack Obama’s gun laws.

What makes it awkward for Mike Busch and the Maryland Democratic Party is the fact that it shows that Democrats and Trump are on the same side of this and many other issues. Given the Democrats obsession with Trump and their feeble attempts to talk about how dangerous Trump is and how out of touch he is with many Americans and particularly Marylanders, how will Democrats explain that they are in full union with Trump on this issue? How will they pretend argue that Trump is out of the mainstream but they are not when they agree on this issue, on abortion, about taxes, and about a host of other issues?

The Democrats support of trashing the constitution is no laughing matter and should be squashed. However, it’s always amusing to see the dumpster fire that is the Maryland Democratic Party hoisted on its own petard.

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