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From the “Fat Files”

If you are not regularly listening to Conservative Refuge Radio on the Red Maryland Network, you are missing a lot.  One thing you are missing is our regularly recurring feature known as the “Fat Files”.  For nearly ten years on this segment, I have been documenting fat as the new tobacco.  I have shared stories of bills to ban restaurants from serving obese people, snack taxes of every kind (even a tax directly on fat people), food regulations, fast food bans, and the list goes on.  I have also shared story after story of the government getting the science of food wrong, harming food producers and even covering up inconvenient facts about food.

This week we discussed this article from the Heritage Foundation on the FDA’s efforts to control sodium content in food.  Here are some highlights:

Last week, the Food and Drug Administration continued its overreach into Americans’ dietary choices, seeking to manipulate consumer behavior so that Americans eat food that government bureaucrats think is ideal…

While the targets may be voluntary, there’s every reason to believe that the next step will be mandatory requirements. The FDA has shown a willingness, as it did with the de facto ban on artificial trans fat, to take ingredients out of the food supply for nutrition reasons. Of course, sodium is required for life, so there won’t be a ban on sodium, but mandatory limits on sodium content in food is a real possibility…

There’s an important philosophical question that goes beyond merely how much sodium consumption is appropriate. Should the federal government continue to disrespect Americans and undermine our freedom to choose what we want to eat?

The FDA certainly thinks so, and this is grounded in a belief that these bureaucrats know what food you should and shouldn’t eat…

The federal government has a long history of providing poor nutritional guidance. For example, there was the federal government’s 1992 food pyramid that encouraged carbohydrate consumption and didn’t distinguish between fats. Nutritional guidance is always changing, and often completely reversing course by going back to previous understandings of what was nutritious…

In addition to all of these problems, the FDA is pushing these sodium goals based on a very shaky scientific foundation. There have been a wide number of recent studies that counter the need for such drastic reductions.”

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Bad science is driving statist policies to control the most intimate decisions each of us make, what we eat and drink. It is all being done in the name of saving us from ourselves and denies any notion of personal freedom, choice or individual responsibility.

Join us on Conservative Refuge Radio as we continue to document this phenomenon and for the uninitiated in the “Fat Files” enjoy this best of we posted last December.


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