Update: Massie out of Montgomery County Event

Sunday I wrote about the issues in Frederick County with the cancellation of their Lincoln-Reagan Dinner and the rescheduling of Congressman Thomas Massie to a Garden Party in Montgomery County.

Now as it turns out, the Garden Party even with Congressman Massie has also been cancelled, as the Congressman will not be available for the event.

My sources tell me that Congressman Massie was unaware that his speaking engagement had been shifted from a Lincoln-Reagan dinner to a Garden Party and no longer wished to attend. Massie’s staff, who had been working with MDGOP National Commiteewoman Nicolee Ambrose on the event, had been notified that the scheduled event was changing but had not notified the Congressman before the event was announced.

As it turns out, the Montgomery County GOP was OK with the cancellation because they have a second picnic event coming up later in the week, and the cancellation allows for focusing on one event rather than two.

Nobody seems to be in the wrong, it was merely a lack of communication. There are a few teachable moments here:

  • If you have a prominent Congressman available to speak at your Lincoln-Reagan Dinner, make the dinner happen;
  • If you are working with a speaker, confirm that the speaker is interested in changing events;
  • Before announcing an event, confirm with the speaker that they will be attending the event. More than once, if necessary.

The Frederick County Republican Party, who somewhat started this game of ’round the world, apparently is trying to get Congressman Massie back as their speaker for a rescheduled Lincoln Day Dinner. After the issues that they had in pulling off a Lincoln-Reagan Dinner the last time that they had Massie scheduled a for a dinner and all of the machinations that occurred thereafter, it seems like they would have a difficult time trying to get the Congressman back for a dinner.

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As I have said all along, this is why Central Committee elections and State Party leadership matter…

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