Thank You, MD Democrats

Today, the Democratic Governor’s Association decided to attack Maryland Governor Larry Hogan for being “silent” on Donald Trump becoming the GOP nominee. For some reason, the association thinks that the mere mention of the name Trump is enough to scare the citizenry and drive them away from any candidate. Those who do not condemn Trump are quiet supporters, they say.

Thank you, Democrats, for the most ridiculous and blatantly corrupt set of actions one could ever hope for. I have spoken to many Marylanders of all political backgrounds, and they all have laughed at the absurdity and desperation of such attacks.

Governor Hogan has previously said that he doesn’t back Trump and that he is staying out of national politics. There is no possible taint by association, and most people are turned off at such attempts. It fails even harder when it rings petty and hollow.

What the Democratic Party has done is turn itself into a laughing stock.

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While some in the Republican media have made overly dramatic statements about needing to find another party, your actions have done a lot to unite people against the Democratic Party in our state. You could have sat back and done nothing, but, instead, you showed that no matter how bad the Republicans are, we are not as utterly ridiculous as the Democratic Party.

So thank you, Democratic Party, once again. You lack real arguments and are just petty, and everyone now knows it. We won’t even need to bother campaigning against you because you are clearly incapable of a legitimate argument.

Please keep up the silly, ham-handed attacks. Continue to make stuff up and attack people without a basis. You are doing a great job at alienating the voters of our state, and I would hate for you to stop.



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