Justice for Anne Arundel County Students

For now, justice has prevailed in Anne Arundel County.

You may remember our discussion of the Democrats campaign to remove the influence of Governor Larry Hogan on public schools and instead hand it to Democratic-leaning interest groups in Anne Arundel County. Well, for now, that is on hold:

Anne Arundel judge temporarily has halted a law to change the School Board Nominating Commission from taking effect June 1.

Citing violation of separation of powers, Circuit Court Judge William C. Mulford II said Monday the General Assembly targeted the governor’s appointees by replacing them with representatives from local groups.

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We noted back in February about how the Democrats are going out of their way to politicize education in an attempt to ensure Democratic control of public schools systems while minimizing the inputs of parents, teachers, and taxpayers. And this is something that did not go unnoticed by Judge Mulford, according to the Capital:

“It really appears to the court this is the legislature finding a way to basically nominate whoever they want to positions through these groups,” Mulford said. “I just can’t get around the fact that it is the only the five gubernatorial appointees.”

Judge Mulford’s comments speak for themselves really. He recognizes, like most Marylanders, that the General Assembly’s naked power grab orchestrated by Speaker Mike Busch is nothing more than a political power play. And one that, in light of the Schisler case from the Ehrlich Administration, is one that does not pass constitutional muster in the state of Maryland.

There is a long way to go when it comes to settling this case but it appears that, once again, the courts will recognized that Democrats in the General Assembly have grossly overstepped their bounds in an effort to hamstring a Republican Governor in an unconstitutional manner.

NOTE: Red Maryland Editor Greg Kline is an attorney who is assisting with the School Board Nominating Commission’s suit. I have not spoken with him in regards to the specifics of this case or regarding today’s ruling.

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