Facebook Group “BeingLiberal” Shows How to Honor Vets

The popular Facebook group called BeingLiberal offered Americans a lesson in honoring veterans the day after Memorial Day by attacking two.

You might remember BeingLiberal when they taught Americans the true meaning of irony by pouncing on Donald Trump when he defended calls for a ban on Muslims last December. BeingLiberal was just completely blown away. “How could anyone take this fear-mongering tyrant seriously when he advocates scrutinizing a specific group of people?” This question was asked by the very same people who have a picture of none other than Franklin Delano Roosevelt as their icon:

You can't make this stuff up
I’m going to let this sink in for a moment…..

This morning the braintrust over at BeingLiberal decided to go after former Texas Governor Rick Perry over an Op-Ed he penned defending the honor and memory of slain Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle. Governor Perry lays what is at the center of the current controversy surrounding Chris Kyle’s service record:

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At issue was a disparity between Kyle’s account in his book, “American Sniper,” records obtained from a seemingly indifferent Navy through a Freedom of Information Act request and Kyle’s official DD-214. The first mentioned two Silver Stars and five Bronze Stars, the Navy recalled one Silver Star and 3 Bronze Stars and the DD-214 credited him with TWO Silver Stars and SIX Bronze Stars.

BeingLiberal and their followers were quick to mock Governor Perry, denigrate Chris Kyle’s service record, and attack two United States veterans before knowing all of the facts. It should worry any American that these people are more quick to defend people looting and rioting than they are to defend the records of our men and women in uniform.

The story first broke roughly a week ago when The Intercept ran with the headline “‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle Distorted His Military Record, Documents Show.” This led to New York Daily News’ headline “‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle lied about his military accomplishments” along with The Guardian proclaiming that “American Sniper hero Chris Kyle ‘lied about medal tally.'” The media’s narrative was soundly picked apart by Brian Sikma over at The Resurgent who notes in his article:

First, the Navy only released information that it could make public about Kyle’s actions. As Erick Erickson writes in his piece on this incident, the Navy letter to the reporters explains that the FOIA response only includes, “A releasable copy of available responsive award citations.”

The second to last paragraph of the letter notes, “your request has been partially denied.” The Navy cited no less than three separate FOIA exemptions as an explanation for why not all potentially responsive records were released.

Second, a new report this month by the Navy Times points out that over 100 Silver Stars were awarded in relative secrecy by the Navy over the last 15 years.

Without having all of the facts, BeingLiberal and others have automatically decided to tar and feather Chris Kyle a liar and, essentially, accuse him of Stolen Valor. Sadly they didn’t seem to pay much attention to the purpose of their three day weekend, and accept that perhaps our men and women who fought for our country deserve the benefit of the doubt before we jump to conclusions without all of the facts.

Suffice to say, take a stroll down the BeingLiberal timeline. The next time someone complains about our nation’s political discourse and Trump supporters, point them to this disgusting filth. Our veterans, even people reviled by the left like Governor Rick Perry, deserve better from the people they served.

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