The Pro-Abortion Lie

Unfortunately, I had the pleasure of reading a post by a contributor I know that tried to justify the pro-abortion stance of Amie Hoeber: “The reality is that no member of Congress will be able to ban abortions regardless of their position.”

This is the great liberal lie best summarized as “nothing can change because it is already the way it is.” Time after time, liberals push and push and push for change, then, when they force it on everyone, they say the new ways are it is how things now are and we can’t go back. They play it both sides, wanting dramatic change then saying we can never fix the mistake.

That isn’t how reality works. Governments have downsized, troops have been withdrawn, and things end. All errors can be corrected, or, if they are not, those who make the errors suffer ignominy and soon vanquished. Once, the death penalty was banned then it was returned, and alcohol before it. So too can the errors of Roe v. Wade be overturned once people stop listening to propaganda and pay attention to actual science.

I have written in dozens of newspapers and online publications on the pro-life movement. Most Americans understand that the “it is set law” charade is just a cover to hide a lack of legitimate justification for a one of the most evil policies to ever shape modern politics. There are only a few radicals out there that have lied to themselves for so long that they can no longer see the truth.

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This election will determine who serves on the Supreme Court and where our judicial system will move in the future. The time for real change is now. Electing out of touch pro-choice politicians at any level does not represent the will of the people nor does it make sense in any manner. If they can’t even stand up for the rights of babies, then they will not stand up for the rights of you or me. They are self-serving egotists who care more about power and money than being true public servants.

If Hoeber and her supporters want to lie to the people of Maryland and claim that abortion cannot be limited in any manner, including stripping abortionists of public funds, because a court made one decision years ago based on a lack of science and a poor understanding of the Constitution, then neither her nor her supporters are fit to serve in an elected position.

An understanding of the Constitution and an understanding of morality are necessary to being a politician, and lying to the people about both is an outright disqualifier.


Follow-up: To make it very clear that being pro-abortion sets you at odds with the very foundation of capitalism and American values, here is what Adam Smith (father of capitalism) had to say in his Theory of Moral Sentiments

Can there be greater barbarity for example, than to hurt an infant? Its helplessness, its innocence, its amiableness, call forth the compassion, even of an enemy, and not to spare that tender age is regarded as the most furious effort of an enraged and cruel conqueror. What then should we imagine must be the heart of a parent who could injure that weakness which even a furious enemy is afraid to violate?

* * *
In the latter ages of Greece, however, the same thing was permitted from views of remote interest or conveniency, which could by no means excuse it. Uninterrupted custom had by this time so thoroughly authorised the practice, that not only the loose maxims of the world tolerated this barbarous prerogative, but even the doctrine of philosophers, which ought to have been more just and accurate, was led away by the established custom, and upon this, as upon many other occasions, instead of censuring, supported the horrible abuse, by far-fetched considerations of public utility.

It is clear that Amie Hoeber, her supporters, and the other champions of abortion argue that abortion is a set custom so cannot be changed. They argue that abortion is useful, necessary, so it cannot be changed. Capitalism was based on ethics and serving mankind; evil does not serve mankind, and abortionists are not practitioners of capitalism. Instead, they are flesh peddlers that strip everything good from the human form for their own gain.


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