The End is Nigh: MD General Assembly Mid-Week 13

With 5 days left in the 2016 Session of the Maryland General Assembly, the end cannot come soon enough to many. Although the passage of the Governor’s budget and a modest tax decrease will go far to help correct 8 years of broken economic policy, the legislature has passed many bills that will undermine our business climate.

As we have pointed out many, many times, the media has failed to keep Marylanders informed on what is taking place in Annapolis. That is why we are bringing to you a summary of the various bills that have passed this session and were sent to the Governor to be signed or vetoed.

Here are many of the bills passed so far:

HB 3/SB 54 alters insurance rules regarding transportation networks.

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HB 9/SB 64 alters the compensation for Baltimore County Orphans’ Court judges.

HB 11/SB 1 requires insurance companies to cover in vitro fertilization in certain circumstances.

HB 22/SB 147 alters membership of the Steering Committee of the Ethan Saylor Alliance for Self-Advocates as Educators.

HB 57 expands the time period for agencies to adopt building performance standards.

HB 59/SB 85 renames the Department of Economic Competitive and Commerce to Department of Commerce and repeals the Office of the Secretary of Commerce.

HB 60 alters renewal provisions for surplus line brokers, insurance producers, advisers, and motor clubs.

HB 63 alters the use of finfish trotlines.

HB 65 requires licensed tree experts to complete a professional development curriculum.

HB 67 repeals aspects of the Maryland Infants and Toddlers Program.

HB 70 repeals a requirement to keep a billiard table license for commercial use.

HB 72 requires the teaching of sexual abuse and assault awareness in schools.

HB 75/SB 162 adds 30 days to the limit for the Public Service Commission to act regarding gas companies.

HB 78 repeals requirements that certain investigative reports be filed with the State Fire Marshal’s office.

SB 78 repeals requirements regarding wait periods related to transferring restitution or child support to the collection unit.

SB 79 repeals authority for the Special Secretary for Children, Youth, and Families to impose civil penalties for unauthorized disclosure of specific child protection case information. Gives that authorization to the Secretary of Human Resources.

SB 80 requires the MVA to cancel a CDL if an individual fails to submit a current physical examination.

HB 84/SB 116 alters the timing of legislative audits.

HB 86/SB 421 provides translations regarding IEP for the parents of special needs students.

HB 87 adds powers for the student member of the Montgomery County Board of Education.

HB 90 allows revenue from the Bay Restoration Fund to be used for financial assistance for low-income homeowners.

HB 98/SB 156 prohibits the retaliation against jurors or officers of the court.

SB 98 increases funding for senior centers. Not the same as HB 262 (below).

SB 99 repeals requirement regarding membership of Assistive Technology Loan Program Board of Directors.

SB 104 authorizes a county to pledge funds for specific infrastructure projects.

HB 105/SB 173 remove limitations on renewable energy projects for the clean energy loan program.

HB 107 establishes a scholarship.

SB 109 requires various medical license applicants so submit to a background check.

SB 110 increases the numer of members of the Young Farmers Advisory Board.

SB 111 authorizes the lottery agency to regulate amounts that can be paid by agents.

SB 112 repeals provisions related to the Pest Control Compact.

HB 119 exempts physicians who travel with athletic and sports teams from various licensing requirements.

HB 120 requires information regarding dedicated state funds to be published online.

HB 121/SB 287 adds an additional venue in which a person may be prosecuted for a false statement concerning a destructive device or toxic material.

HB 124/SB 212 requires insurance companies to disclose aggregate incurred claims under certain circumstances.

HB 131 prohibits contracts from including the waiving of a consumer’s rights under certain circumstances.

HB 132 requires the creation of a pollinator habitat plan.

SB 145 provides for a referendum in Wicomico County to decide how to determine the county’s Board of Education.

SB 146 alters the salary of the Harford County State’s Attorney

HB 148/SB 134 alters the salary of the Sheriff of Somerset County.

HB 155/SB 278 prohibits stalking.

HB 157 creates penalties for subsequent offenders of causing vehicular injuries.

HB 164 authorizes the requiring of specific background checks.

SB 169 authorizes local boards of election to canvass mail-in ballots for special elections.

HB 172/SB 144 removes the voters say over who appoints the Anne Arundel County Board of Education and hands it to special interest groups (vetoed).

HB 185 prohibits a continuing education requirement as a condition for renewal of a license.

HB 186 establishes the Charlotte Hall Veterans Home Fund.

SB 190 Budget.

SB 191 Capital Budget.

SB 218 prohibits the inclusion of Morgan State University within the University System of Maryland.

HB 233/SB 72 creates a noise zone around BWI airport.

HB 237/SB 150 repeals the prohibition on a perjurer from testifying.

HB 245/SB 310 requires an agency that suspects child abuse to report it.

HB 246/SB 716 allows for the designation of 20 fire police in Cecil County.

HB 262/SB 805 increases state funds for senior centers. Not the same as SB 98 (above).

SB 272 authorizes financial aid for out of state students who are deaf or hearing impaired

HB 280/SB 931 removes charges for birth certificates for homeless individuals.

SB 282 transfers early childhood development provisions from one agency to another.

HB 285/SB 455 uses a complex system to re-evaluate property values for the purpose of providing state aid to low-wealth counties for education.

HB 290/SB 545 replaces the “Construction Apprenticeship Assistance program” with the “Apprenticeship Career Training in Our Neighborhoods program.”

HB 312/SB 208 allows for certain individuals to not be required to be fingerprinted for the renewal of a handgun permit.

HB 314/SB 346 adds abuse of telephone and electronic communication to peace orders.

HB 319 clarifies laws regarding dredging for oysters and clams.

SB 323/HB 610 reauthorizes the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Act.

SB 324/HB 309 mandates redundant funds for a Prince George’s Hospital already included in the budget.

HB 342/SB 277 allows suppliers of motor fuel to participate in games of chance.

HB 354/SB 148 requires directors of corporations to act in good faith.

HB 357/SB 883 requires notices of claims against Frederick County to be given to the county solicitor or attorney.

HB 358/SB 629 authorizes Kent County to request background checks for employees.

HB 368/SB 370 would fundamentally alter how transportation projects are decided to lessen the Governor’s authority (vetoed).

SB 377 alters distributions related to amusement tax on electronic bingo and electronic tip jars.

HB 380/SB 344 removes obsolete language from law.

HB 381/SB 321 alters who can serve on the State Retirement and Pension System Board of Trustees and other aspects of their duty.

HB 382/SB 345 repeals redundant provisions and clarifies other aspects.

HB 384/SB 368 alters provisions regarding the length of term for the Baltimore City Police Commissioner.

HB 387/SB 912 requires the conducting of a study regarding a clean energy loan program.

HB 389 alters the definition of “immediate family” regarding the Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays Critical Area protection program.

HB 411 adds members to the Joint Committee on Ending Homelessness.

HB 440/SB 811 affects the installation of solar generators.

HB 443 allows for colleges to study hemp.

HB 447 alters how the Charles County transfer tax is received by the county clerk.

HB 484/SB 288 extends the filing date for specific corporate to file income tax returns.

HB 493/SB 178 prohibits extortion regarding immigration status.

HB 501 prohibits the termination of insurance on the basis that the individual is a volunteer driver.

HB 505/SB 390 alters salaries for Charles County law enforcement.

HB 523 authorizes the reporting of the theft of an E-ZPass transponder and related unauthorized charges.

HB 537/SB 373 clarifies aspects of the Teachers’ Retirement Pension Systems.

HB 541/SB 451 allows for the revocation of a trust by divorce or annulment.

HB 555/SB 536 increases by 30 days the time to submit reports regarding cemeteries.

HB 567 expands the definition of “barbershop” to include mobile barbershops.

HB 575/SB 541 alters the method to mailing required to insure an electronic item.

HB 581/SB 477 exempts from the reemployment earnings limit specified disability retirees.

HB 631 alters when Howard County deputy sheriffs are eligible for disability.

HB 639 authorizes insurers to pay specified claims for reimbursement by electronic funds.

HB 659/SB 187 allows for specified victims to appeal to the Court of Special Appeals over the right to restitution.

HB 675/SB 414 alters the definition of “mechanical repair contract” and related provisions.

HB 682/SB 551 requires the development of a plan to ensure clinical crisis walk-in services and mobile crisis teams are available state wide.

HB 684/SB 558 creates the “Baltimore Regional Neighborhood Initiative Program” to mandate that funds are allocated to community enhancement projects that were already to be included in the budget.

HB 686/SB 559 creates the “Strategic Demolition and Smart Growth Impact Fund” mandate even though it is redundant to funds already provided in the budget.

HB 696/SB 480 charges a 5 cent fee per ticket related to the Maryland Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Authority.

HB 718 allows the Attorney General to sue to recover assets related to exploited seniors.

SB 724 adds the “Alcoholic Beverages Article” to the Annotated Code of Maryland and transfers laws and regulations to it.

HB 745/SB 435 repeals a law related to juke boxes.

HB 766 clarifies the Fisheries Research and Development Fund and related matters.

HB 785/SB 233 requires police training condemning motorcycle profiling.

HB 786/SB 863 extends by a year a workgroup studying human trafficking.

HB 788 alters the state agency that oversees bidding lists.

HB 798 repeals a requirement that insurers file an annual report.

HB 799 establishes liability regarding trespassing in an aquaculture area.

HB 803 prohibits insurers from denying coverage related to lawful travel.

HB 805/SB 774 establishes rules regarding autocycles.

HB 832/SB 715 repeals in Cecil County the requirement that both parties appear for a marriage license.

HB 855/SB 439 authorizes the revokation of a certification of a Department of Juvenile Services employee in certain situations.

HB 871/SB 234 voids aspects in a contract regarding a requirement to defend or pay the cost of defending in specific circumstances.

HB 884/SB 1001 repeals provisions related to taxicabs in St. Mary’s County.

HB 919/SB 750 continues provisions regarding vendors of portable electronics insurance.

HB 922/SB 579 defines park model recreational vehicles as travel trailers.

HB 926/SB 979 alters eligibility for the Optional Retirement Program.

HB 960/SB 853 authorizes guardians to perform various functions related to disabled persons.

SB 967 establishes a Class A beer, wine, and liquor license in Worcester County.

HB 1024 allows a municipality in Montgomery County to adopt stricter building requirements than the state or county.

HB 1092/SB 999 repeals provisions related to the Keeper of the Jail of St. Mary’s County.

HB 1101 removes state or county regulations from a municipal closed swimming lake.

HB 1113/SB 663 prohibits certain types of commercial sales of dogs and cats.

HB 1144 establishes an education fund for public utility choice.

HB 1150/SB 887 requires health plans to allow enrollees a year to submit claims.

HB 1161 authorizes a municipality to use docking fees to enhance public use and water access.

HB 1162/SB 785 requires the development of a Foster Youth Summer Internship Program.

HB 1180/SB 946 requires Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services to report on use of restrictive housing in correctional facilities.

HB 1303/SB 660 requires regulation of ultrasound imaging in birthing centers to limit their use because they are seen as a threat to pro-abortion advocates.

HB 1400/SB 1172 creates the “Seed Community Development Anchor Institution Fund” to mandate another redundant expenditure of funds.

HB 1402/SB 1125 mandates more funds to be provided for day and summer programs.

HB 1403/SB 1170 provides college funding grants for low income students.

HB 1404/SB 1130 creates a dedicated fund for the Maryland Center for Construction Education and Innovation to assist in school construction.

HB 1406/SB 1173 creates a task for to study adult education.

HB 1408/SB 851 alters the law that requires insurers to send specific notices regarding workers’ compensation insurance.

HB 1503 exempts homeless youth from the cost of GED testing.

HB 1527 exempts specific uses of tidal waters for oyster aquaculture purposes.



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