The Buying of District 6

We’ve referenced in the past about Amie Hoeber’s attempts to make like Donald Trump and to buy herself the Republican nomination to Congress. Well, there are 567,000 reasons why that’s an accurate statement.

OpenSecrets, a watchdog group that watches the amount of money spent in Congressional races, has this to say about Hoeber’s campaign as it relates to independent expenditures:

No. 4 on the list is Amie Hoeber (R), who is running to unseat Rep. John Delaney (D) in Maryland’s 6th Congressional District. Maryland USA, a super PAC set up by Hoeber’s husband, Quaalcom senior executive Mark Epstein, has already spent $567,000 boosting her candidacy in the district’s crowded Republican primary field.

Think about that for a second; Hoeber’s race is number 4 on the list of House races across the country when it comes to independent expenditures. The expenditures in most of the bigger races are coming from larger groups, like the Club for Growth, that raise money from many various members. Hoeber’s spending is all coming from one individual, her husband. So when Hoeber talks about the resources that she has to run a campaign, this is what she is talking about. She’s not talking about her ability to raise money necessarily, but she’s talking about her ability to see her husband stroke a check to a SuperPAC specifically created to back her candidacy.

Incidentally, one could probably make an argument that the creation of a Super PAC solely funded by the spouse of a Congressional candidate violates the spirit if not the letter of the McCain-Feingold laws surrounding coordination between campaigns and SuperPACs. I mean, you would have to be incredibly naive to believe that Hoeber doesn’t talk to Epstein about the campaign, and that Epstein doesn’t direct the SuperPAC staff to do exactly what Hoeber tells him she needs.

You would think that with Amie Hoeber’s experience as a DC insider and Beltway Bandit contractor that she would not need to rely on a SuperPAC with a legally dubious relationship to do her bidding for her. One could probably make the argument that she might not need a SuperPAC if she had been involved with the party before this year, not been a Martin O’Malley supporter , voted in Republican primaries regularly, not insulted Dan Bongino and his campaign team, or been pro-abortion for the last few decades. But it does say a lot about Hoeber that she’s willing to have her husband try to buy this nomination for her. She seems to believe that the people of the 6th District are willing to vote for a liberal Beltway Republican over solid conservative candidates for Congress if only there is enough money spent to do the job. I’d like to believe that this is not the case. We’ll see in two weeks.

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