The Buying of District 6: Update

On Monday we wrote about the attempts of Mark Epstein, husband of 6th District Congressional Candidate Amie Hoeber, to buy the Republican nomination for his wife.

As it turns out, Epstein’s spending goes far beyond what we originally reported.

According to FEC documents, Epstein has now spent $2.1 million in an effort to secure the Republican nomination for Amie Hoeber.


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The Epstein/Hoeber spending regime does not end at the Maryland USA SuperPac, however. Again, according to FEC documents, the largest source of income for the actual campaign account for Amie Hoeber’s campaign is……Amie Hoeber.


The Hoeber campaign has raised only $130,037. Only, of course, is a relative term. She has raised more money than all the candidates, but only 27% of the money raised by the Hoeber campaign has come from individual donors. 73% of the money raised by the official Hoeber campaign has come from Hoeber herself.

(Of course, the money raised by Hoeber and the loans combine are still dwarfed by what John Delaney has raised during this campaign cycle).

If you combine all of the money that has been obtained on behalf of Amie Hoeber’s Congressional campaign, from both the official campaign account and Maryland USA PAC, 95% of the money has come from Amie Hoeber and her husband.

We still of course have unanswered questions when it comes to the relationship between Hoeber and this Super PAC. But this is a good time to repeat what I wrote on Monday:

You would think that with Amie Hoeber’s experience as a DC insider and Beltway Bandit contractor that she would not need to rely on a SuperPAC with a legally dubious relationship to do her bidding for her. One could probably make the argument that she might not need a SuperPAC if she had been involved with the party before this year, not been a Martin O’Malley supporter , voted in Republican primaries regularly, not insulted Dan Bongino and his campaign team, or been pro-abortion for the last few decades. But it does say a lot about Hoeber that she’s willing to have her husband try to buy this nomination for her. She seems to believe that the people of the 6th District are willing to vote for a liberal Beltway Republican over solid conservative candidates for Congress if only there is enough money spent to do the job. I’d like to believe that this is not the case. We’ll see in two weeks.


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