Red Maryland News Hour: April 22, 2016

It’s the Red Maryland News Hour for this week, bringing you the best in State politics this week.

On this week’s show:

  • We hear from candidates campaigning in our state, including Governor John Kasich, Donald Trump, & Senator Ted Cruz.
  • We talk with Senator Mike Hough, & Delegates Kathy Afzali & Neil Parrott.
  • We also talk to voters, some of which are undecided, and a protester supporting Sanders.
  • We cover other news, including Governor Larry Hogan visiting the Eastern Shore
  • The Governor and Carl Anderton Jr. worked to get funding for stadium improvements.
  • Plus, we say good-bye to the artist who gave us Purple Precipitation

The Red Maryland News Hour airs Fridays on the Red Maryland Network…….and don’t forget that you can subscribe to all Red Maryland Network programming on iTunes and on Stitcher.

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