“Pro-Life” Afzali endorses Pro-Abortion Hoeber

A bit of a surprise in Frederick County today as Delegate Kathy Afzali has endorsed pro-abortion Amie Hoeber for Congress in the 6th District.
In a email, obtained by Red Maryland, Afazli provides a link to her choices in the upcoming primary election. In addition to her selection of candidates for U.S. Senate (Kathy Szeliga) and Frederick County Board of Education, she provides her endorsement of Hoeber:

Ironically, there are people up in arms over Afzali’s endorsement in the Board of Education race that she would endorse a “liberal” in the non-partisan Board of Education race. Some of these same folks are die-hard Hoeber supporters who seem to have no qualms with the endorsement of the Washington insider Hoeber.

Afzali’s endorsement of Hoeber is surprising given Hoeber’s full-throated support of abortion as we have documented here in the past few months. Afzali was supported by Maryland Right to Life in her last election, so it’s curious that she would flip-flop in this regard to support a candidate for Congress who is fully on board with the pro-abortion agenda.

Just as strange is Afzali endorsing the liberal Hoeber over her much more conservative seat mate David Vogt, who is also running in congressional district 6. Afzali and Vogt were both members of Senator Michael Hough’s successful slate in the 2014 election and Vogt’s views are much more in line with the views professed by Afzali than Hoeber’s.

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Maryland Right to Life, incidentally, endorsed Vogt in this race.

Since this is Frderick County, where nothing happens quietly, we can be certain that Afzali’s endorsement of a pro-abortion candidate will have repercussions far beyond the primary election.

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