Please Raise the Minimum Wage in Baltimore

For the past few years, liberal activists have been pushing for Annapolis to adopt a $15 minimum wage. Thankfully, they have failed, because it only leads to massive job loss, as I have explained here and here (a fully breakdown of the issue in response to California’s proposed hike).

However, I must disagree with my colleague Brian Griffiths when he argues that the proposed hike in Baltimore City “is a bad idea.” Instead, I fully encourage Baltimore City to raise their wage to $15.

On one side, $15 an hour in Baltimore City would help businesses outside of Baltimore City prosper due to people not wanting to pay higher prices. On the other, it benefits the employees who live outside of Baltimore but work in Baltimore who will receive the benefit of an increased wage while Baltimore City residents who work outside of the city will not.

This is a win-win for everyone but Baltimore City residents. The only problem is that Baltimore City is the single biggest receiver of state funds, and they will cry out for more and more as their own economic system falters. However, it could get to the point that all revenue in Baltimore City comes from the state, which would then justify a complete take over of the city’s government.

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So let’s encourage Baltimore City to dramatically increase their minimum wage. But why stop at $15? What would be really great is a $50 minimum wage. Don’t the poor deserve that?

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