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MD’s Presidential Delegates Are Just Fine

I am a traditionalist and a constitutionalist, and I am quick to decry election shenanigans. I believe that elections are essential to citizenship and the integrity of elections need to be secured to ensure that the rights of the citizens are secured.

However, I was completely baffled by a poorly researched and poorly reported article in the Washington Times that included unchallenged speculation that there is delegate fraud in Maryland.

Let me start by saying that I know a lot of Trump supporters and this is the first I’ve heard of any speculation or worry that there are “double agents” posing as Trump delegates. Most of the prominent Trump supporters and activists are not mentioned at all. To the contrary, only two are quoted as holding this paranoid view.

The first, Sue Payne, is someone I know very well. I won’t get into what she has to say except that she is wrong.

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The second, Ed Hunter, is described as “a tea party activist and Trump volunteer on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.” I know a lot of TEA Party activists across Maryland, and I know many who are involved in politics on the Shore. I’ve never heard of him nor did I find him in any of my circles or connections. I asked. No one knew of him. There are only a few scattered mentions of him on obscure message boards regarding him, and they all seem to be self-published.

How did the Washington Times find him for a story? There is nothing there to explain where the story came from. It is suspicious. Then there is the unchallenged statement by Hunter, “When I looked at the delegate sheet on the sample ballot, I saw only three Trump delegates, although he is the front-runner. And there were tons of Kasich people.”

I live in Congressional District 1 and my ballot sheet only has three Kasich people. Why only three? Because that is the maximum for a declared delegate. You can check it out for yourself at the Board of Elections site.

Kasich has Erik Robey, Christopher Shays, and Robert Wayne Willoughby.

Cruz has Steven James Arentz (MD House of Delegates), Julie D. Brewington, and Jeff Ghrist (MD House of Delegates).

Trump has Grant Helvey, Michael Marchi and Joe Sliwka.

Where are the “tons of Kasich people”? Where is anything unethical taking place?

An honest reporter would have made it very clear that he was wrong or simply not run his clearly wrong claim. However, this is a poorly written, poorly researched piece that uses planted quotes without any proof in order to take advantage of growing paranoia regarding votes as a whole. It is clickbait at its worst, and it reveals a decline in the Washington Times’s standards.

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