Kefalas Implies Hogan Endorsement in new Web Ads

The Chrys Kefalas campaign has decided that the key to winning the April 26th primary is to imply an endorsement that doesn’t exist.

I first got hipped to this when I saw an ad on a website that looked like such.


The ad, which contains two photos in its GIF rotation of Kefalas with Governor Larry Hogan at the Orioles Opening Day game, certainly implies that Kefalas is endorsed by the Governor.

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Doing additional research for this piece, I discovered that the Kefalas campaign had posted on Facebook an amateurish “commercial” (for lack of a better term) implying again that Kefalas was the choice of Governor Hogan.

A Larry Hogan RepublicanQ: “Which candidate running for U.S. Senate in Maryland can boldly say they are a Larry Hogan Republican?”A: Chrys Kefalas is the only one.Learn more at

Posted by Chrys Kefalas on Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The audio, featuring Larry O’Connor from WMAL, literally contains only two pieces of information: somebody proclaiming that Chrys Kefalas is the only candidate who can “boldly say and with some credibility” that he is a “Larry Hogan Republican” and that Kefalas and Governor Hogan worked together in the Ehrlich Administration.

That seems to be the extent of the connection that Kefalas is trying to use to link himself to the Governor.

The implication is clear to anybody who is paying attention to this race. This race is still absolutely wide open with a little over two weeks to go. And Kefalas, trying desperately to give him some sort of gravitas or credibility in this race, decided to hitch his horse to Governor Hogan. It’s a smart thing to do, of course, but here’s the important point: Governor Larry Hogan has, as of today, not endorsed any candidate for the U.S. Senate. None whatsoever.

Frankly, there would be a better argument to be made for the Governor to endorse Kathy Szeliga since she has been working to move his agenda through Annapolis the last two years than a guy of DC, by DC, and for DC.

It’s understandable that Kefalas needs to try to make some connection to the Governor. Heck, he wasn’t even living in Maryland during the 2014 gubernatorial election and only planned to move back to Maryland in order to run for the seat in the first place. But the implication of an endorsement by Governor Hogan is probably not going to win a whole lot of friends, especially since it is unlikely that Governor Hogan will endorse in the race at all.

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