Chrys Kefalas Supported Heather Mizeur, Not Larry Hogan in 2014

Let us take you back to 10 days ago. We pointed out that Chrys Kefalas was attempting to claim to be a “Larry Hogan Republican” and trying to imply that Kefalas had the Governor’s endorsement.

As it turns out Kefalas wasn’t even a Larry Hogan Republican when the Governor was running for Governor in 2014.

During the 2014 election, Kefalas made one donation to a candidate for Governor. It wasn’t Larry Hogan. It was left-wing Democrat Heather Mizeur:


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Kefalas didn’t make any donations to the Hogan Campaign until last August, well after the Governor’s victory and long after Kefalas began campaigning to become a United States Senator.

You can visit the Maryland Campaign Reporting Information System to take a look at his entire record, which also includes donations to more Democrats such as former Attorney  General Doug Gansler, and former Baltimore City State’s Attorney Patricia Jessamy.

We already reported on how Kefalas wasn’t a resident of Maryland during the 2014 gubernatorial election, did not vote here, and only planned to move back to Maryland in order to run for the seat in the first place. But now we see that Kefalas wasn’t even supporting Governor Hogan from afar on his uphill run for Governor in 2014. Instead of fighting for Republican values, Kefalas was just another out-of-state donor who was supporting left-winger Heather Mizeur. And for those of you who forgot about the former Delegate, just take a look for a second to remind yourself just how radical and out-of-touch her left-wing “progressive” agenda was. We’re not talking about somebody who was a moderate by any stretch of the imagination, we’re talking about somebody who thought that the work of Martin O’Malley wasn’t leftist enough.

Between his support for Mizeur, his support from a high-level Clinton donor, and his prior work for former Obama Administration Attorney General Eric Holder, is it any wonder that he was tagged as a liberal?

Kefalas apologists will likely tie themselves in knots trying to explain away his support against Republicans, much as many of the same apologists did for Amie Hoeber’s support of Martin O’Malley. But the facts remain the same. In 2014, Chrys Kefalas was supporting radical left-winger Heather Mizeur for Governor instead of Larry Hogan. How on earth can we pretend that he is a conservative with that on his record?

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