The Democrats are Cowards, Part I

Two stories in recent days encapsulates how the Maryland Democratic Party is nothing but a bunch of yellow-bellied cowards who are more than happy to oppose Governor Larry Hogan and oppose the will of the people who voted him into office at any cost.

The first example of this comes on the redistricting front, where Senator Joan Carter Conway was seeking advice from the Attorney General’s office regarding Governor Hogan’s wildly popular redistricting proposal. Conway was seeking some sort of political cover giving her a good legal reason not to support the redistricting plan. And thanks to a mealy-mouthed Assistant Attorney General, Conway got her wish:

But Assistant Attorney General Kathryn M. Rowe, responding to a request for advice from Sen. Joan Carter Conway (D-Baltimore), said in a letter this month that she has identified 10 legal problems with the proposal by Hogan (R), which would amend the state Constitution to require that a nonpartisan commission handle the redistricting process….

…The March 14 letter from Rowe effectively provides ammunition for Democratic leaders in the legislature who have resisted Hogan’s proposal and called for national redistricting changes that would apply equally to states where Republicans control the legislatures.

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The letter, as reported on by the Post, contradicts itself as Rowe tries to turn a trick of political jujitsu into giving the Democratic leadership what they want. Hilariously, the Post reports that Rowe’s letter suggests  “no such supermajority rule can apply to regular bills without a constitutional amendment”, which conveniently ignores the fact that this proposal is itself a proposed Constitutional Amendment.

The Democratic opposition to redistricting is of course not surprising, as they have tried to focus on the Congressional redistricting aspect of this bill. Maryland Democrats say they won’t move on the bill until there is either some national solution or a state like Virginia enters into an agreement to change their redistricting process in the same way. The Democrats don’t want to engage in what they call unilateral disarmament, even if it’s the right thing to do for the right reasons.

Everybody from Mike Miller on down knows exactly why the Democrats oppose redistricting reform. It has nothing to do with Congressional districts and everything to do with legislative districts, since we all know that the General Assembly has been so tortuously gerrymandered to ensure that there are few competitive seats and that the Democrats will maintain a supermajority every time there is a Democratic Governor drawing the districts.

It’s apparent that Senator Conway is more concerned with maintaining her influence on the patronage on the Baltimore City Liquor Board than she is in fixing the massive disenfranchisement of voters, both in her home district and across the state. But realistically, Conway’s letter asking for an opinion from the AG’s office is her merely taking marching orders from Mike Miller to create some sort of political smokescreen to obfuscate the true nature of their opposition, which is to protect their phony baloney jobs from competitive Republican challenges.

In Part II, we’ll talk about the Democrats fear of transparency.

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