Ted Cruz for President

As this year’s Presidential Primary season heads towards Maryland’s April 26, 2016 primary vote, the race for the Republican nomination has been reduced to three candidates with only two who have a mathematical path to a majority of delegates to this year’s Republican National Convention.

This race has ultimately resolved into a very basic choice for Maryland Republicans. On the one hand is traditional conservatism, represented by the campaign of Senator Ted Cruz. On the other, a circus sideshow with little if any ideological basis, represented by the candidacy of Donald Trump.

The Editors of Red Maryland enthusiatically endorse the candidacy of Senator Ted Cruz and urge all Maryland Republicans to vote for Senator Ted Cruz on April 26, 2016!

Senator Ted Cruz is a “true believer” in the conservative cause and has a vision to implement our shared conservative values as President of the United States.

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Senator Cruz’s business flat tax would be an economic boom for the tens of thousands of small businesses across the state of Maryland. By eliminating the payroll tax, the FICA tax, Obamacare Tax, etc small business would save immediately. In addition by repealing Obamacare small business would be able to grow their staff. Furthermore he would allow businesses to bring money that is stirring off shore back into the country. This plan will create jobs in Maryland particularly in the port of Baltimore since it’s designed to bring manufacturing jobs back to the USA and his 0% tax on exports will increase port activity.

Senator Cruz  would also eliminate the death tax which would allow Maryland farmers and other small business owners to pass their estates to their children without the government taking half. Senator Cruz’s economic plans would eliminate burdensome regulations at the EPA which is hurting those who live on the eastern shore. While improving economic growth, the Cruz plan also includes serious budget cuts and a plan to eliminate half a trillion dollars from the budget over 10 years.

Senator Cruz has the legal background and commitment to the Constitution to make the best choice to replace Justice Antonin Scalia and to appoint judges committed to the original meaning of the Constitution and the rule of law to the federal courts at all levels.

Unlike Mr. Trump, Senator Cruz has a record and background that show a lifelong commitment to the conservative movement. During Senator Cruz’s time at the FTC he reduced regulations and passed his policy proposals with unanimous support from both republican and democrat commissioners. This experience has informed his pro-growth economic policies.

Senator Cruz is the only candidate with judicial, legislative, and executive experience. He has proven his willingness to stand up to both parties and fight corruption while still being able to work with democrats to pass common sense reforms.

By contrast, Donald Trump has lived most of his life openly mocking conservative ideas and supporting many of the most liberal politicans in America.  True movement conservative can have no faith that Donald J. Trump, whatever passing statements he may make, will advance a conservative agenda or govern as a conservative. He has already begun a turn to the left, changing positions on even his core issue of immigration.

As Senator Ben Sasse put it,

Mr. Trump’s relentless focus is on dividing Americans, and on tearing down rather than building back up this glorious nation. Much like President Obama, he displays essentially no understanding of the fact that, in the American system, we have a constitutional system of checks and balances, with three separate but co-equal branches of government. And the task of public officials is to be public “servants.” The law is king, and the people are boss. But have you noticed how Mr. Trump uses the word “Reign” – like he thinks he’s running for King? It’s creepy, actually. Nebraskans are not looking for a king. We yearn instead for the recovery of a Constitutional Republic.

Marylanders are not looking for a king either.

Worse yet, Mr. Trump simply is not qualified to be President.  I will defer to the words of Red Maryland Founder and RedState editor, Streiff, who put it in his own inimitable style:

A Trump presidency will see a flocking of C and D list talent to the executive branch that will make the current crop of goobers and yahoos employed by Obama look like Nobel Laureates. He will be stymied by Congress as neither party will have any interest in working with him. Worse than that, Trump actually has no interest in the presidency, he just wants to be president. The result will be four more years of the accelerating national decline, militarily, politically, economically, and socially, that was put into motion by Obama.

Maryland Republicans should not elect a reality star wrapping his campaign in shallow appeals to some type of populist nationalism.  Such an approach has garnered rabid support from some of the worst elements of the electorate.

It has also gained support from decent Republican leaning voters justifiably frustrated with the impotence of the Washington Republican establishment to resist eight years of a disaterous Obama Presidency. But make no mistake, Donald Trump is a charlatan who will only provide conservative supporters one thing “buyer’s remorse”. For conservatives, his candidacy has shown more red flags than a Chinese May Day parade and it is willful blindness to believe that Donald Trump can be trusted to lead the conservative movement.

There have been many good and decent candidates competing for the Republican nomination for President.  Ted Cruz was not everyone’s first choice but for Maryland conservatives he is now the only choice.

We urge our readers to join the Cruz campaign, volunteer, donate and most of all vote for Senator Ted Cruz for President!

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