So Donald Trump wants to be the Conservative Standard Bearer?

Today, Red Maryland presents a guest commentary from Dwight Patel, member of the Montgomery County Central Committee. His views are his own and do not necessary represent the Montgomery County Central Committee or Red Maryland.

So Donald Trump wants to be the Conservative Standard Bearer?

I have spent more than 20 years in conservative politics, working in Washington for some of the nation’s most respected conservative figures.  Along with many others, I have worked to move the ball forward for the conservative movement.  We worked with groups such as Americans for Tax Reform, the National Taxpayers Union and other right-of-center coalitions to push for welfare reform, pro-family tax credit, capital gains tax cuts, limiting punitive damages on product liability and the Balanced Budget Amendment. We also worked diligently to get the Defense of Marriage Act and other important legislation passed.

On the other side of the coin, we fought to defeat Campaign Finance Reform and reform the Legal Services Corporation.  I remember in 2000 when I was at the ACU/CPAC, we worked with the National Legal and Policy Center to try and defund the LSC.  Did we win all these battles? No, but we did move the agenda forward.  However, one thing is clear: while we were working hard to promote the conservative cause, the Democrats and Donald Trump opposed us at every turn.

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Today, we sit on the cusp of Donald Trump running away with the GOP nomination for president.  I believe this is an outrage.  For one thing, Donald Trump supports Planned Parenthood.  And years ago, while we were working to get Rep. Rick Lazio elected to the Senate from New York, Donald Trump was funding Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign.

Donald Trump supported the stimulus, the auto bailouts and the bank bailouts.  Is that what a conservative would have done?  NO!!!  On several occasions, Donald Trump has praised Barack Obama for the bailouts.  I never heard Senator Cruz or Senator Rubio praising the bailouts.  They were elected to thwart big government expansionism, and redress the claims of outraged citizens who were “fed up with politics as usual…”  Sen. Cruz and Sen. Rubio were elected in 2010 to stop out-of-control spending in Washington. This is the same kind of spending that Donald Trump refers to when he says “we have to spend it.”

There isn’t a conservative that I have worked with over the years who would say that Trump is a conservative in any way, shape or form. Trump is a charlatan, and the primary voters have become lemmings, who have bought into his lies.  Donald Trump isn’t one of us.  He has been endorsed by the liberal governor of New Jersey, who supports and donates to Planned Parenthood.

And that’s not all.

He has been endorsed by that joke of all jokes Sarah Palin, and has also been endorsed by Charlie Sheen, Dennis Rodman, Mike Tyson and Kid Rock. Think about this: are your values more in line with  Hollywood elitists like Sheen, Rodman and Tyson or are they more in line with those of President Ronald Reagan and other conservatives?

The truth is that Donald Trump embraces radical Hollywood/Upper East Side Manhattan values and there’s no getting around it.

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