MD General Assembly Week 8 in Review

As we mentioned on Wednesday, week 8 of the Maryland General Assembly 2016 session was going to be interesting. We can now safely say that it did not disappoint.

Liberal policy after liberal policy was fundamentally torn apart by committees. The poorly crafted anti-agricultural bill relying on junk science to make false claims about bees was postponed yet again today because it just does not make sense and benefits no one. Additionally, Assisted suicide was exposed as dangerous to those who are vulnerable or have special needs, and the bill was killed in committee after it was shown to cause far more harm than legal murder ever could prevent.

This week also had hearings on commonsense redistricting reform, HB 458 / SB 380 . Most newspapers, interest groups, and Marylanders know that this is a necessary and logical step to take in addressing decades of corruption, so there is no need to comment further.

There are other issues being considered during this time, but they have not yet been passed out of committee. Expansion of bicycles into areas that are dangerous for them to travel is highly contested, as we discussed before. Also, Democrats are trying to deny funds to rural and suburban counties through HB 1013 / SB 908, while HB 580 / SB 472 would force businesses to pay those who are not working.

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The Democratic leadership is getting desperate for more wins to appease their liberal base, but they are being hammered by the citizens and the media for their blatant partisanship and corrupt behavior. They were able to get one small victory in passing a mandatory unionization of community colleges, but there is a still a chance it will die in the Senate. Either way, it will not be enough to appease those who are furious that a Republican is governor. Chances are, something will have to give.

The Maryland March for Life, the largest march and gathering in Annapolis, will be held on Monday, March 7, 2016. Although so many Marylanders from every district come out, their voices are often ignored by the callous leaders in Annapolis. This year, the pro-life movement had a victory in the defeat of the Assisted Suicide bill, but there are many other important issues that will be discussed. We will bring you more information on what took place in our update for next week.

Upcoming Bill Hearings

Make colleges target for criminals:  SB 906 will be heard March 9.

Anti-farmer legislation/mandatory unionization:  SB 761 will be heard March 9.

Job killing proposal by raising wages far above neighboring states: HB 1372 will be heard March 7 and SB 940 will be heard March 17.

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