During Sunshine Week Democrats Should Learn How State Government Works

The Maryland Democratic Party has decided this week, because it’s Sunshine Week, to accuse the Hogan Administration of trying to be secretive with agenda items on the Board of Public Works. They introduced SB370 and HB368, the Public Works Transparency Act of 2016. The Senate Democratic Caucus helpfully tweeted out this graphic:

Now I’d invite you to go visit the Board of Public Works website. Take a look, specifically, at the tab for Meeting Documents. There, you will note that the Summary and the Agenda for the March 23rd meeting is already posted online. You will note that March 23rd is seven days from today. You will also note, for future reference, that the Summary and the Agenda for all Board of Public Works meetings are posted the Friday after the previous meeting. That means that the Summary and Agenda items are publicly available (one could even say “Transparent”) 13 days prior to every Board of Public Works meeting.

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So really, what are the Democrats doing here? They are doing little more than grandstanding to take even more cheap shots at Governor Hogan. They were obviously too lazy to look at the Board of Public Works website before circulating a bill that has 11 sponsors in the Senate and 17 in the House. You would think that at least one of them would stop, take a moment, and at least have the common sense to ask an intern to look this up so that maybe, just maybe, they wouldn’t look like total fools for introducing another piece of useless legislation.

Maybe the Spring Break mentality has gotten to their heads, because these Democrats are acting like high school jocks who are too cool for school and want to ace the exam without actually studying. What they are actually doing is exposing themselves to a public that already doesn’t think highly of them that they really don’t understand how government works and have been cruising along without doing the work that the people expect of them.

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