Amie Hoeber’s Resources Don’t Include Spellcheck: The Sequel

Last month, we pointed out that Amie Hoeber’s campaign had some issues with spelling. Last month, the campaign couldn’t spell the word “veterans.”

So what’s happening this month? The Hoeber campaign can’t spell the name of the incumbent Democratic Congressman in the district that she’s running in.


In case you’re curious, the incumbent spells his name D-E-L-A-N-E-Y, and you might have read about him here recently. I’m sure, much like last time, they will try to memory hole this spelling snafu with a correction immediately after we write about it.

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I’ll say the same thing that I said last month. we all make typos. But Hoeber’s campaign is supposed to be so well resourced that it’s a serious campaign! At least that’s what she told the Cumberland Times-News last month. But serious campaigns with serious resources pay serious people to make sure that a word like “Veterans” is spelled correctly on a website and that the name of the incumbent is spelled correctly on Facebook. This is Charles Lollar level stuff, and now it’s happened twice.

Once again, it’s clear that the Hoeber campaign is the gang that can’t shoot straight and that her attempts to be the Donald Trump of the 6th Congressional District by buying herself the Republican nomination will be for naught if she keeps making the same mistakes that campaigns over and over and over again.

UPDATE, 7:29 PM: I was right. It’s already been fixed.

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