Democrats Oppose Equal Pay for Legal Immigrants

Democrats in the House of Delegates this week showed that a lot of their rhetoric concerning equal work for equal pay is a lot of hot air.

House Bill 1004 would establish a state Equal Pay Commission. It is, of course, by the usual suspects of liberal Democrats who would rather pontificate as opposed to actually do something constructive. It passed the House of Delegates today.
Republican Delegate Mark Fisher decided that the bill should be amended to include legal immigrants as part of the reporting requirements. The amendment added:

requiring each employer to make available to the public the number of the employer’s employees who have been granted an H–1B or L–1 visa by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and the employees’ respective salaries; requiring each employer to report certain information to the commission on or before a certain date each year;

So basically, Delegate Fisher dared the Democrats to make a choice. They could choose to add protections to their Equal Pay Commission bill for legal immigrants, or they could try to pass a clean bill to try to get it through the Legislative process.

Predictably, Democrats voted against the proposed amendment.

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So that opens up an interesting question. Maryland House Democrats support the creation of an Equal Pay Commission to monitor the “wage disparities” on the basis of wage, sex, or gender identity. But they believe that an Equal Pay Commission should *not* monitor “wage disparities” on the basis of immigration status.What is it about the supposed gender pay gap that really bothers Maryland’s Democratic elected officials more than a supposed wage gap affecting Maryland’s many legal immigrants. Why do Maryland Democrats want to treat different groups so differently?

So it makes you ask this: why do Maryland Democrats oppose equal pay for equal work for legal immigrants?

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