The Democrats New Class Warfare

The latest attempt by Maryland Democrats to seize power from the office of the Governor is starting to look a lot like class warfare.

The Governor’s office put out the following graphics today regarding transportation funding in Maryland. This first graphic shows you the transportation projects currently being funded by the Administration.


And these are the projects that would be funded if the Democrats get their way.

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It doesn’t take a genius to see that instead of providing transportation funding for all Marylanders, that their transportation funding plan redistributes money predominantly to Montgomery County.

The Governor’s office also released a list of every single project that would be cut if the Democrats had gotten their way last year and passed this bill that includes the proposed scoring system:

MAA Anne
International Concourse Extension at
BWI Marshall Airport
SHA Anne
US 50, John Hanson Highway;
US 50, MD 70 to MD 2 (Severn River Bridge)
SHA Anne
MD 175, Annapolis Road; MD 175, from
Brock Ridge Road to MD 295 Interchange (Ft. Meade)
SHA Allegany MD 47, Barrellville; MD 47, Bridge over North Branch $6.9
SHA Allegany MD 36, Mount Savage Road; MD 36, Bridge over Jennings Run $4.1
SHA Baltimore
MD 140, Reisterstown Road; MD 140, from Garrison View Road
to Painters Mill Road
SHA Baltimore
US 40, Pulaski Highway; US 40, Bridges over Little and Big
Gunpowder Falls
SHA Baltimore
I-695 Baltimore Beltway; I-695, Bridge on Crosby Road
over I-695
SHA Baltimore
I-83, Harrisburg Expressway; I-83, Bridge over I-83 $10.9
SHA Baltimore
MD 137, Mount Carmel Road; MD 37, Bridge over I-83 $4.8
SHA Calvert MD 2/4, Solomon’s Island Road; MD 2/4 from Fox Run
Boulevard to Commerce Lane
SHA Cecil MD 222, N. Main Street; MD 222, Aiken Avenue $4.6
SHA Charles MD 234, Budds Creek Road; MD 234 Bridge over
Gilbert Swamp Run
SHA Carroll MD 86, Lineboro Road; MD 86, Bridge over South Branch of
Gunpowder River
SHA Carroll MD 496, Bachmans Valley Road; MD 496, Bridge over
Big Pipe Creek
SHA Frederick MD 85, Buckeystown Pike; MD 85 from Crestwood Boulevard
to Spectrum Drive
SHA Frederick US 40 ALT, Old National Pike; US 40, Old National Pike,
Ivy Hill Drive to Middletown Parkway
SHA Frederick MD 355, Urbana Pike; MD 355, Urbana Pike $9.2
SHA Frederick MD 355, Urbana Pike; MD 355, Bridge over CSX $6.9
SHA Frederick MD 180, Jefferson Pike; north of I-70 to Bridge 10140 $31.0
SHA Frederick MD 140, Main Street; MD 140, Bridge over Flat Run $6.2
SHA Frederick US 15, Catoctin Mountain Highway; US 15, Bridge over MD 26 $6.6
SHA Garrett US 219, Chestnut Ridge Road; US 219, Interchange at I-68 $96.7
SHA Garrett MD 39, Hutton Road; MD 39, Bridge over Youghiogheny River $6.2
SHA Howard MD 32, Sykesville Road; from MD 108 to Linden Church Road $16.5
SHA Howard MD 32, Patuxent Freeway; MD 32, Bridge on Triadelphia Road
over MD 32
SHA Howard I-95, Montgomery Road Overpass to I-895 Interchange $12.8
SHA Montgomery I-270 Eisenhower Highway; I-270, Active Traffic Management
and Innovative Congestion Management
SHA Montgomery I-495, Capital Beltway; I-495, resurface from I-270Y to
Seminary Road
SHA Montgomery MD 355, Frederick Road; MD 355, Bridge over
Little Bennett Creek
SHA Montgomery MD 195, Carroll Avenue; MD 195, Bridge over
Sligo Creek Parkway
SHA Prince
US 1, Baltimore Avenue; US 1, from MD 193 to College Avenue $56.1
SHA Prince
I-95/I-495, Capital Beltway; I-95/I-495, Access to Greenbelt
Metro Station (FBI relocation)
SHA Prince
I-95/I-495, Capital Beltway; I-95/I-495 Bridge over
Suitland Road
SHA Prince
I-95, Capital Beltway; I-95, resurface I-495 to MD 212 $13.0
SHA Prince
I-95/I-495, Capital Beltway; I-95/I-495, Bridges over
Suitland Parkway
SHA Prince
US 50, John Hanson Highway; US 50, south of Lottsford
Vista Road to Anne Arundel County Line
SHA Saint
MD 5, Point Lookout Road; MD 5, Camp Brown Road to
Ranger Station
SHA Saint
MD 5, Point Lookout Road; MD 5, at Abell Street/Moakley Street $13.7
MVA Statewide Project Core (Enterprise Management System) $16.3
MTA Statewide Light Rail Safety Improvements $22.8
MTA Statewide Agency-wide Elevator and Escalator Rehabilitation $12.0
MTA Statewide Agency Radio and Telecommunications Upgrade $28.7
SHA Talbot,
MD 404, Shore Highway; MD 404, US 50 to MD 309 and west of
Hillsboro Road to Holly Road (Cost split between counties – 
$80.25 each)
SHA Wicomico MD 349, Nanticoke Road; MD 349, Bridge 2201500 over
Winsor Creek
SHA Worcester US 113, Worcester Highway; US 113, Public Landing to
Massey Branch (Phase 4)
*Not including MDTA Projects*

So what you have here is class warfare of the crass and political kind. The Maryland Democratic Party, not content with Governor Hogan’s decision to work on behalf of all Marylanders and to fund transportation projects across the state, have decided to implement a plan that will create net benefits only to Democratic counties. Democratic leaders are knowingly trying to tip the scale not only toward Democratic jurisdictions, but predominantly toward Maryland’s wealthiest county. They are trying to ensure that taxpayer money designated for transportation projects that benefit all Marylanders benefit only one specific county, one that happens to have no elected Republicans in it. This is what political class warfare looks like.

It’s sad, but not surprising, the depths that today’s Maryland Democratic Party will sink to in order to strike a blow, any blow, against this Governor.

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