Democrats Show They’re Full of It on Government Transparency

You might remember a few weeks ago that Senate Democrats, led by instigator-in-chief Rich Madaleno, were pitching a fit about agenda items under consideration by the Board of Public Works. Their general gripe was that the Board of Public Works should be required by law to post agenda items online no fewer than three days prior to their consideration by the Board. This despite the fact that agenda items were being posted nearly two weeks prior to each Board of Public Works meeting. I even said at the time:

So really, what are the Democrats doing here? They are doing little more than grandstanding to take even more cheap shots at Governor Hogan.

So that brings us to today, and the first sentence of the Bryan Sears story on the matter tells you everything you need to know:

A bill Democratic legislators say is meant to promote transparency in transportation funding took an ironic turn Monday when the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee voted on a bill that is scheduled for a hearing on Tuesday.

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So the same Senate Democrats who were complaining up a storm about the Board of Public Works not ensuring agenda items were posted only three days prior to their consideration instead publicly published a hearing date for a bill, then knowingly voted the bill through prior to it’s public hearing date.

And oh by the way. The Vice-Chairman of the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee that took this anti-transparency action today? None other than Senator Rich Madaleno, the very same one who senselessly attacked Governor Hogan and the Board of Public Works for their transparency issues.

The mainstream media should be asking quite a few questions of Rich Madaleno right now. Mainly why he allowed this charade to occur in his very own committee when he was trying to pass a law solely designed to score political points at Governor Hogan’s expense. But the people of Maryland should be asking Rich Madaleno why he wants to hold Governor Hogan to a higher standard of government transparency than he will hold his very own Senate committee. Maybe then we can find out if Rich Madaleno’s hypocrisy knows any bounds.

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