Chrys Kefalas Outsources Fundraising to Out of State Residents

Last night I wrote about the Chrys Kefalas campaign outsourcing their phone banking to Washington, DC, where most of the work will be done by volunteers who don’t even have the opportunity to vote in Maryland’s Republican primary but are interested primarily in advancing their careers on Capitol Hill. But it isn’t the only thing that Chrys Kefalas has outsourced out of Maryland.

According to data provided by OpenSecrets based off of FEC reports, the supermajority of the funds Kefalas has raised for his Senate campaign has come from out of state.

Through December 31, 2015, Kefalas had received 187 total contributions. Of those contributions, 137 were attributed to addresses outside of Maryland. During that time period, Kefalas raised a grand total of $155,219. Of that money, $117, 349 came from out of state.

Bottom line? 74% of Kefalas donors were from out of state, accounting for 76% of the total funds Kefalas raised through the end of last year.

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Don’t take my word for it. Look it up yourself. While you’re at it, you can compare the location of his donors with those of Kathy Szeliga. Because the supermajority of Szeliga’s donors and funds raised came from Maryland.

The reliance on out of state donors and fundraising for Kefalas is so out of whack that his out of state fundraising percentages dwarf those of left-winger Judd Legum, whose reliance on out of state support doomed his House of Delegates campaign to a last place finish in 2010.

Kefalas’s out of state fundraising, combined with his out of state volunteer base  should raise serious questions about his commitment to the state of Maryland and even more questions about the level of support that Kefalas may or may not have from Republican primary voters in the upcoming April 26th primary.

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