Chrys Kefalas Outsources Phone Banking to Washington, DC

It appears that the campaign of U.S. Senate candidate Chrys Kefalas has decided to outsource some of their phone banking to Washington, DC.

A Facebook event setup by the campaign advertises two phone banking nights, April 4th and April 11th, to be held in Washington, DC:

Do you like pizza? Do you like when Republicans win? If yes, you should come phone bank for Chrys Kefalas on April 4th and/or April 11th.

Chrys Kefalas isn’t a typical Republican. He is the kind of new conservative leaders we desperately need in Washington.

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He’s the kind of commonsense candidate that can win a seat for Republicans in Maryland this November—but he needs your help now to make that happen.

Come by the WeWork Building in Chinatown on April 4th or April 11th from 6-8pm, and make calls for Chrys. You’ll make a real difference in a closely-contested election, and you’ll get free pizza (which sounds like a pretty great night to us.)

Plus, you’ll get a chance to meet Chrys afterwards. He’ll be stopping by to thank you personally for all the great work you’re doing.

RSVP for one or both days now!

The event is being held at the Chinatown office of WeWork, which is a shared office space.  Curiously, the office provider pricing plans are listed as being available on a monthly basis and not at a daily basis. According to the most recent campaign finance reports, the Kefalas campaign had not paid WeWork for office space, so it is unclear who is actually paying for the space being used, though it is possible the campaign may have paid for the space during this filing period The space being used is part of the space rented by Tusk Strategies, one of the Kefalas campaign consultants.

The idea of outsourcing phone bank work to DC is nothing new. Many young politicos in Washington want to get their foot in the door by working on any and every campaign that they can possibly help with. It’s one of the annoying things about DC insofar as everybody is looking to try to work but to also meet the candidate and cross their fingers for a full-time campaign gig or a possible job in the candidate’s office if they are so fortunate to win. But often times these volunteers have absolutely no connection to the state to which they are calling; in fact, most of the individuals RSVPd to attend these phone banking events list their residences as being from Washington, D.C. Bowie City Councilman Mike Esteve is one of the exceptions. The RSVP list does also include Tommy McFly (real name: Tommy Pavlick), the partner of Kefalas.

One of the other attendees listed is also a gentleman named Andy Byun. Byun’s Twitter account identifies him as the Director of Operations for the Kefalas campaign and he had some….interesting things to say about the campaign on Facebook.


It’s unknown if Kefalas agree’s with his campaign worker’s assessment that “the GOP is full of bigots and nonsensical, ancient dinosaurs.”

The fact that Kefalas is outsourcing his phone bank operation to Washington should not be a surprise. After all, it Kefalas has raised a lot of money in Washington. But it should certainly give many of us pause that this guy who has never run for office before and who worked directly for former Obama Administration Attorney General Eric Holder is basing so much of his campaign out of Washington. It’s hard to run in Maryland as a solution to Washington when you’re part of Washington.

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