Baltimore Sun, meet Maryland Legislative Watch

The Baltimore Sun has come out in support of live-streaming of the business of the General Assembly. This of course is a good position to have; it’s a bipartisan one, supported by the Governor, and one of the few good government ideas that has a chance of passing.
What’s interesting is how the editorial ends:

But it’s not the last piece of unfinished business for the legislature when it comes to transparency. Our recommendation for what should be next on the list: a searchable database of legislators’ votes. It’s possible to find the information now on who voted for what, but it’s not nearly as easy as it should be.

It’s interesting only because it shows the lack of awareness from the Sun’s editorial board. Because Maryland Legislative Watch has been doing this thing for years now. The folks at Maryland Reporter did a feature on it way back in 2013.

The idea of a tool incorporated into the General Assembly website that does this certainly wouldn’t be a bad thing. The MGA site, redesigned a few years ago, is still obtuse if you aren’t familiar with it. It’s just unfortunate, though unsurprising, that the Sun editorial board didn’t realize that Maryland Legislative Watch was the private sector solution that was already outperforming state government. 

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