Abortion Raised at Another CD6 Debate

You usually can’t get 7-out-of-8 Republicans to agree on anything. But at the 6th Congressional District debate last night, 7 out of 8 agreed on Roe v. Wade.

Well, all except Amie Hoeber of course:

This led to a “lightning round” series of questions on abortion, in which candidates were supposed to provide one-word answers, in this case policies and decisions related to abortion. Except for Amie Hoeber, a former deputy under secretary of the U.S. Army, all answered that Roe v. Wade, the landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling allowing abortion, was improperly decided. All said they would defund Planned Parenthood — except Hoeber, who said “probably.”

Mind you this isn’t a surprise at this junction, as we have been covering this from the get go; Hoeber’s pro-abortion stance, her support of abortion since 1979, and her thoughts that the government should not interfere to protect those who can’t defend themselves. And yes, all of it started when I dared to ask Hoeber about her position on abortion way back in January, something that also attracted “mainstream” media attention back then.

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I’m sure that Hoeber’s liberal enablers will again try to spin this as some sort of “independent thinking” on her part. It has been impressive to see how her enablers and supporters try to shout down criticism of their candidate as anything but an honest acknowledgment of the facts of the matter, which demonstrably prove time and again that Hoeber is a supporter of continuing the status quo in this country when it comes to abortion. But what it really shows, as it has in the past, is how Hoeber is trying to do her best Donald Trump impersonation and buy herself a Republican nomination for Congress despite disagreeing with conservative principles where they matter most.

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