A Modest Interview

An Unpublished Interview with Donald Trump

Richard E. Vatz

Unrevealed to this day, Donald Trump contacted me 2 weeks ago to interview him one-on-one, as he was getting confident that he would win but was getting tired of the presidential debates (from which he has now withdrawn).  I was happy to oblige, and here is our unedited conversation:

Vatz:  Thank you, Mr. Trump for giving me the opportunity to interview you.  I particularly appreciate your meeting with me, an academic who has opposed your candidacy.

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Trump: I know you are a fair man, Dr. Vatz – I have always admired your school, Towson State University, and I admire you, and this is an opportunity for me to get my message out through a non-establishment interviewer that we’re going to make our great country again. We’re going to start winning again.  We lose everywhere: ISIS, immigration and even with a man like Putin who, as I said in an ad I just released, is too tough for Hillary Clinton who doesn’t see his evil.

Vatz: Didn’t you once say it was a “great honor” to have Mr. Putin speak highly of you?

Trump: I never said that.

Vatz: Let me ask you about your intentions towards Muslims.  You say you are going to deport 11 million of them?  Isn’t that inhumane?

Trump: I didn’t say I was going to deport 11 million people.  And I am very respectful of them.  I said I was going to have the illegals leave and then allow the best of them to come back some day.  There will be a process, and I think the process will be very fair.  Mexico will build us a wall – no cost – and all immigration will stop.  The profane Vicente Fox will build it, and he’ll like it

Vatz: Didn’t you tell The New York Times that you were not really going to deport anyone and that it was only illegal immigrants that was your concern?

Trump:  I have never said I would stop all immigration.  As for the Times, that was off the record, but I will say that the Muslims have nothing to fear from me.  I love Muslims.  And Hispanics love me.  My best friend is a Muslim and his wife is Hispanic, and they tells me that Muslims all think I am the only hope for them to be treated fairly in the United States.  I’ve hired more Muslims that you could ever deport, and they love me…all of them.  By the way, who has Cruz ever hired, besides Fox News?  And while we’re on the topic of Lyin’ Ted, he just used a picture of Melania [Mrs. Trump] from a G.Q. shoot in his ad…his wife will be sorry.

Vatz: He had nothing to do with that.

Mr. Trump: I never said he did.

Vatz : Mr. Trump, some Republicans are talking about Paul Ryan as a compromise nominee for president.  Would that be a bad idea?

Mr. Trump: Oh, terrific…Lyin’ Ryan.  He wouldn’t know the truth if it hit him in the eye. Did you see him in Time some time ago pumping iron?  Boy, that’s a real dignified image for a president.  People will riot if he’s nominated, and I wouldn’t blame them.   This makes me want to punch him in the nose.

Vatz: Mr. Trump, are you calling for people to riot if Rep. Ryan is nominated or violence against Rep. Ryan?

Mr. Trump:  No, where would you ever get that idea? You journalists seem to lie for the fun of it.

Vatz:  I am not a journalist.

Mr. Trump:  No, just a liar.

Vatz: Mr. Trump, I have to ask you if you are at all concerned that, according to the polls,  you are the only Republican candidate whom Secretary Clinton beats in a one-to-one race?

Trump:  That’s a lie.  Not only do I beat Mrs. Clinton, but it’s not even close.  I have already started advertising against her.  In fact I call upon all Republican candidates to rally around me to create a unified opposition.  She’s terrible.

Vatz:  Didn’t you use to give her and John Kerry major contributions?

Trump: No, but I gave everyone contributions.  I am a businessman, and that’s what you have to do.  I never gave her a dime.  And how can she accuse me of treating women badly when she’s she’s got one of the great women abusers of all time sitting in her house?  When I contributed to her campaign, it was strictly business.

Vatz:  Mr. Trump, I wonder if at times you contradict yourself.

Mr. Trump:  Oh, terrific…some low-life interviewer is going to say I contradict myself.   I think this is the last time I’ll let you interview me.   You should be grateful that I even give the time to an unaccomplished professor at some unknown college that has about a hundred people.  We wouldn’t even consider hiring you at Trump University.  You should beg me to interview you.  You know I love you and your family. Wasn’t your father a lawyer?

Vatz:  Thank you, Mr. Trump.


Professor Vatz teaches political rhetoric at Towson University and is author of The Only Authentic Book of Persuasion (Kendall Hunt, 2013)

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