Waste of the Week: Environmental Education Center Renovation and Expansion

This week, we travel to Howard County home of Senator Edward Kasemeyer (D) who is proposing a quarter million in new debt for the State of Maryland with SB0040. The quarter million dollars would go to the Howard County Conservancy, Inc for their renovations and expansion of their Environmental Education Center.

The Howard County Conservancy is a non-profit environmental education organization and land trust founded in 1990. The goal? Educate children and adults about the environment and to promote good stewardship of our natural resources. Not a bad goal, admirable I’m sure. They have been getting a lot of traction, a lot of visitors and an incredibly well thought out plan for expansion which can be found here. I have no doubt the organization does good work for the community and providing learning opportunities for students about the great outdoors. Those are good things. But, why do we need to go a quarter million dollars into debt in order to hand them a loan?

Also, it feels like a conflict of interest that Kasemeyer would propose a quarter million dollars in new state debt for an organization where he sits on their board.


Seems like a situation where the Senator is trying to put all of us into new debt in order to fund an organization he personally enjoys and participates in. Is it legal? Well, yes. Is it wrong? You bet. If Senator Kasemeyer wants to support them – he can continue to donate or hold fundraisers instead of mortgaging our future by putting the state further into debt. Again, I call upon our conservative members of the state legislature to forego the easy vote buying of Bond Bills. Let’s be like Hogan and fight back against Bond Bill waste.

For that set of reasons and the continued debt our state carries, SB0040 are this week’s “Waste of the Week.”


Congratulations to Senator Kasemeyer for putting the state further in debt to gain votes in Howard  County!

Feel free to submit your suggestions in the comments section of wasteful spending in Maryland.

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