Waste of the Week: Broadneck High School Field House

This week, we travel to Anne Arundel County for our Waste of the Week. We have HB0338 proposing a quarter million in new state debt by Delegate Ned Carey (D). The purpose? To provide a loan to the Board of Directors of the Bruin Athletic Boosters Club for the repair and construction of the Broadneck High School Field House.

Broadneck High School is a public school in Annapolis. Their athletics booster club has their own website as well. I mean, it’s a high school in Annapolis. I don’t really have much else to say about what it is or where it’s located. It by it’s inherent nature is a publicly owned school building which seems to want an upgrade in its sports facilities. All right…

Is a new field house at a local high school really worth putting the state further in debt? A quarter million dollars in debt? I think not. If the Delegate want to help the school, donate to it. They want a new field house built, in the 9 months which they don’t have to work in the legislature, they fundraise and assist in the building personally. Stop putting mortgaging my children’s future to buy votes for 2018.

We have conservative members in the State Legislature. I ask them to stand up against bond legislation. Don’t vote for them. Don’t promote them. Don’t propose your own. Together we can stop the wasteful pork.

For that set of reasons and the continued debt our state carries, SB0338 is this week’s “Waste of the Week.”

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Congratulations to Delegate Care for putting the state further in debt to gain votes in Annapolis!

Feel free to submit your suggestions in the comments section of wasteful spending in Maryland.

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