MD General Assembly Week 7 in Review

Week 7 of the Maryland General Assembly was exciting for conservatives in Annapolis when environmentalists and pro-suicide activists were utterly and thoroughly embarrassed in committee hearings. Although it is likely that the Democratic leadership will push through such atrocious pieces of legislation, they were at least exposed as being without merit.

This week, we bring you a summary of two exciting hearings, some upcoming legislation to watch, and a summary of what also took place.

Sponsors Embarrassed in Committee

On Wednesday, we explained how environmentalists were thoroughly eviscerated in the House of Delegates Environment and Transportation Committee when they tried to promote their anti-agricultural legislation (HB 599 and SB 496). Video of the hearing can be found here and going to the 3:05:00 mark. It is well worth watching the response to the first panel of proponents.

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Unfortunately, the hearing on same legislation in the State Senate was mere Kabuki theatre. The whole process of the Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee on Wednesday was coordinated between the sponsor, Senator Richard Madaleno (D-Montgomery 18), and the chairman to ensure that there were no difficult questions posed. You can watch the Senate hearing by clicking here. At the 1:48:00 mark or so, Senator Paul Pinsky (D-Prince George’s 22)  asked softball questions to mislead everyone as to the dangers of the bill. Senator Ronald Young (D-Frederick 3) also misled everyone to promote an anti-agricultural agenda with his poor choice of questions at 1:54:00.

This inappropriate behavior continued when Senator Waugh (R-Calvert and St. Mary’s 29) tries to ask a difficult question that would expose the flimsy basis for the bill, Chairman Joan Carter Conway (D-Baltimore City 43) inappropriately answered for a proponent at 1:59:54. The chairman began to testify on the bill, acting like a sponsor, at 2:17:00, and she made the false claim that there would be no costs associated to the industry even though there were clear cost increases associated with transportation. The chairman then allowed Sen. Pinsky to embarrass himself with a rant in support of the bad environmental claims at 2:24:40.

Senator Gail Bates (R-Carroll and Howard 9) asked if the sponsor contacted legislators from the Eastern Shore, but there was no answer because it was obvious that the proponents would not even bother to discuss their plan with those affected. This lack of respect to farmers and to the Eastern Shore was made even worse when the only “farmer” testifying for proponents was a long term anti-agricultural activist we exposed on Monday.

The Senate redeemed itself during Thursday’s hearing on the assisted suicide legislation (SB 418) in the Judicial Proceedings Committee, which you can watch here at the 4:34:00 mark. Once again, Sen. Young was caught promoting bad claims to further a radical agenda without any scientific or ethical basis. Thankfully, the opponents and the committee were able to thoroughly grill the radicals seeking to put the lives of the disabled in jeopardy.

Senator Michael Hough (R-Frederick and Carroll 4), at the 4:42:00 mark, exposed the ignorance of Sen. Young and his lack of knowledge through rigorous questioning. Instead of answering, Sen. Young tried to make a false emotional appeal based on bad claims that people want to kill themselves over pain, which was debunked by study after study. Sen. Hough then pushes Sen. Young on the liability for medical organizations and how the law encourages lawless behavior that puts the medical profession at risk. To this, Sen. Young had no answer.

Upcoming Bill Hearings

Commonsense redistricting reform: HB 458 will be heard February 29 and SB 380 will be heard March 3.

Free housing for released criminals: HB 1151 will be heard March 1.

Common Core for Higher Ed: HB 804 will be heard March 1 and SB 702 will be heard March 2.

Expansion of marijuana legislation: SB 891 will be heard March 2.

Make colleges target for criminals: HB 1002 will be heard March 1 and SB 906 will be heard March 9.

Anti-farmer legislation/mandatory unionization: HB 1496 will be heard March 2 and SB 761 will be heard March 9.

Gender falsification on birth certificates: HB 1099 will be heard March 3.

Job killing proposal by raising wages far above neighboring states: HB 1372 will be heard March 7 and SB 940 will be heard March 17.

Other Issues Considered This Week

Tuesday gave us a re-authorization of the “Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Act,” a piece of legislation that sought to appease radical environmentalists by placing unreasonable limits on industry and chase jobs out of our state. SB 323 was approved 38-8.

On Wednesday, Sen. Pinksy was further embarrassed when he was forced to pull one of his ultra-partisan bills from a possible floor vote. SB 404 would radically redefine how the Superintendent of the State Board of Education would be hired, and the only justification for passing the legislation was to spite the Governor for being a Republican.

Finally, our long national nightmare of people displaying pride over their ancestors who fought and died during the Civil War is over because HB 1 was passed in the House of Delegates. This, the most important issue, has been resolved! We can all go home.


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