MD General Assembly Week 5 in Review

As we edge closer to the half-way point of the 2016 Session of the Maryland General Assembly, legislators in the House of Delegates were quick to submit as many pieces of legislation as possible to serve as campaign talking points. We now have 1504 proposed pieces of legislation, and many of those bills are requests from local jurisdictions for the state to fund their pork barrel projects to aid in re-elections. It is never too early in Annapolis to ensure that you secure your part time job (that pays $50,000 per year with luxurious health and retirement benefits, mileage, room and daily stipend for food) by appearing to “work” for the people.

The State Senate is not without its own theatrics, as we first explained earlier this week. We applaud the Baltimore Sun for revealing Miller’s tirade” after the citizens of Maryland objected to those who supported his unconstitutional behavior and the turning of what was once an honorable institution into a farce. If you would like to express your concerns to the Senate President, feel free to email him at or call him at 301-868-6931.


Important Hearing:

Trending: Alan Walden for Mayor of Baltimore

The Assisted Suicide/Kill Grandma Bill will be heard on Friday next week in the House Health and Government Operations Committee.


New Legislation:

Business Regulations

HB 1117 Mattress Stewardship Plan would add many regulations regarding the sale and disposal of mattresses for “environmental” reasons. Joint Hearing Environment and Transportation and Economic Matters-3/04

HB 1163 would place undue burdens on veternarians and farmers based on anti-medical and anti-agriculture ideology. Hearing Environment and Transportation-3/02

HB 1175 (cross-file of SB 664) would severely disrupt the ability of employers to staff their businesses during key hours. House Hearing Economic Matters-3/09

HB 1496 (Cross-file of SB 761) Anti-Farming Act, would renegotiate farming contracts and effectively unionize contractors. Both bills proposed by legislators from urban districts. House Hearing Environment and Transportation-3/02. Senate Hearing Finance-3/09.

SB 990 would make it more difficult to train researchers and doctors.

SB 994 would set into law misinformation regarding how wages are decided.


HB 1122 would help in preventing illegal aliens from being registered to vote under loopholes in the various Universal Voter Registration Act proposals.

HB 1389 and HB 1390 would prevent illegal aliens from voting. Hearing Ways and Means-3/14


HB 1099 would force the state to alter a birth certificate to make a false statement as to the birth gender of an individual.

HB 1178 would assume teens are sexually active before 9th grade and must receive HPV vaccine.

HB 1498 Anti-Food Choice Act. Hearing Economic Matters-3/15

Criminal Law

HB 1120 would automatically block, upon the filing for divorce, the relocation of a minor, hiding a minor, or withdrawing a minor from school. Hearing Judiciary-3/09

HB 1151 would provide free housing to criminals upon release. Hearing Environment and Transportation-3/01

HB 1375 would ban the viewing of porn in public places where children are present. Hearing Ways and Means-3/11

Pork Projects

HB 1401 would require the state to pay most of the cost for Baltimore’s Enoch Pratt Library. Hearing Ways and Means-3/10

Honorable Mention

HB 1050 Tax Credit for Holocaust Survivors Hearing Ways and Means-3/01

HB 1037 State Duck. Unlisted cross-file of SB 27. Senate Hearing Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs-3/04

HB 1184 would create a work group to determine if poor children are more likely to be poorly behaved or become criminals.

HB 1319 would create a week to make people aware that there is a giant bay in the middle of our state.


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