MD General Assembly Mid-Week 6

Week 6 was quiet in the Maryland General Assembly, which is due to the State Senate and House of Delegates officially passing their “bill introduction dates” (Feb 5 in Senate, Feb 12 in House). This week, we bring you news of a hearing that took place on Tuesday, two new pieces of legislation, and an upcoming hearing on the Kill Grandma Bill (which we discussed here).

Hearing on Age Limit Legislation

There has been some news coverage of yesterday’s hearing on SB 502, a bill by Senate President Mike Miller that would increase the retirement age for judges from 70 to 73. President Miller is 75 (born December 3, 1942), and we at Red Maryland feel that an age restriction should be imposed upon the position of President of the State Senate. We feel that this is necessary due to the distinct possibility that age is responsible for President Miller’s baffling and incorrect claims regarding redistricting and his willingness to violate multiple aspects of the State Constitution. We can find no other explanation for these disastrous events.

New Legislation

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There are two new pieces of legislation that are of interest:

SB 1038 and HB 1474 would allow the stadium authority to divert millions to fund a very expensive pet project of Senator Young in Frederick, even though there is strong opposition from the local community. House Hearing Appropriations-3/08

SB 1041 would require local schools to provide children with free laptops to serve as an expensive distraction ($3.5 million per year) instead of providing them with a real education.

Kill Grandma/Assisted Suicide Bill Hearing

HB 404 will be heard on February, February 19, 2016 before the House Health and Government Operations Committee. The hearing is scheduled to take place at 1 PM, but that is not a guarantee that the bill will be heard at that time.

If you would like to submit written or oral testimony, please make sure to read their procedures. 35 copies of written testimony need to be delivered to the committee, located in the House Office Building Room 241 (2nd floor), before noon on Friday, but it is recommended that this is done earlier.

As a note, 8 of the 23 members are sponsors of the legislation, and the sole Republican who has declared support for the legislation is Freshman Delegate Christopher West.

If you would like to reach them via email, here is a list of members of the committee followed by an easy to copy and paste list:

* Sponsor, Chairman Peter Hammen (D-Baltimore City 46)
* Sponsor, Vice-Chairman Shame Pendergrass (D-Howard 13)
* Sponsor, Angela Angel (D-Prince George’s 25)
* Erek Barron (D-Prince George’s 24)
* Eric Bromwell (D-Baltimore County 8)
* Sponsor, Bonnie Cullison (D-Montgomery 19)
* Antonio Hayes (D-Baltimore City 40)
* Terri Hill (D-Baltimore County and Howard 12)
* Sponsor, Ariana Kelly (D-Montgomery 16)
* Nicholaus Kipke (R-Anne Arundel 31B)
* Susan Krebs (R-Carroll 5)
* Pat McDonough (R-Baltimore County and Harford 7)
* Herb McMillan (R-Anne Arundel 30A)
* Christian Miele (R-Baltimore County 8)
* Matt Morgan (R-St. Mary’s 29A)
* Dan Morhaim (D-Baltimore County 11)
* Sponsor, Nathaniel Oaks (D-Baltimore City 41)
* Sponsor, Joseline Pena-Melnyk (D-Prince George’s and Anne Arundel 21),
* April Rose (R-Carroll 5)
* Sid Saab (R-Anne Arundel 33)
* Sheree Sample-Hughes (D-Dorchester and Wicomico 37A)
* Sponsor, Chris West (R-Baltimore County 42B)
* Sponsor, Karen Young (D-Frederick 3A),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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