Groundhog Day: MD General Assembly Mid-Week 4

This is a slow week in the Maryland General Assembly because everyone is awaiting the Governor’s “State of the State” that will take place today. On Monday, leaders from the House of Delegates and State Senate held a press conference to state their own legislative priorities. They did not need to have a press conference, as everyone who has spent any time either in Annapolis or following the Assembly could predict with high accuracy what was said.

Reporting from Annapolis is living in Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day; no matter what you do, the same thing seems to happen. The people of Maryland do not need news reports or press releases to know what is on the agenda of the majority in the legislature because the same proposals keep returning each year.

Annapolis loves taxes, so there will be some proposal to raise them (HB 31, HB 71). The leaders enjoy rewarding those who break the law, so there will be benefits given to felons (veto overrides) and illegals (SB 11/SB 19/SB 350). They want to pass legislation wrapped in PC claims but based on ideas that have no merit (HB 343/HB 401, HB 404, HB 528, SB 333). They will wage a war against Maryland industries with the excuse of environmental protection (HB 394, SB 361). They will pass legislation to help out the dying unions (SB 363). And finally, pork, pork, and more pork (SB 324).

You could publish the same article every year on what the leaders will be proposing because it doesn’t change.

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The media is trapped in the same cycle. The Baltimore Sun will fawn over the “brave action” of the General Assembly. The Washington Post will stay aloof but give a gentleman’s applause. The rest will put forth their meatless accounts summarizing empty talking points, and they will all ignore the real story regarding the misleading nature of those talking points.

Where is the hard hitting investigation? Instead, it seems that we are Phil Connors stuck in Punxsutawney, and we don’t even get a potential love interest to compensate for this farce.


We need a more vigorous media to break the cycle. It is telling that the news agencies didn’t care about a proposal to ban plastic bags until 3 weeks after the legislation was submitted. We brought the information to you when it came out.


New Legislation

The Good

HB 502 would limit charges cable companies can place on rented equipment.

HB 586 would prevent the taxing of retirement income.

HB 603 would prevent the killing of a child who is capable of feeling pain.

HB 436/SB468 would repeal speed cameras. Hearing House Environment and Transportation-2/18

The Bad

HB 528 would require schools to create a program to reduce sugar use.

HB 599 / SB 496 Ban Purdue/Anti Farmers Act

SB 481 Yet another “Equal Pay” law.

The Ugly

HB 532 Destruction of the Taney statue for no other reason than he (one of the most famous Maryland politicians and a Supreme Court Justice) was bound by the United States Constitution to uphold slavery until it was banned through the amendment process.


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