Hogan Derangement Syndrome is Real

Earlier this week, the Washington Post shocked us all by publishing a well reasoned editorial entitled Maryland Democrats have Hogan Derangement Syndrome:

We didn’t support Mr. Hogan in his 2014 campaign. Nonetheless, what has been striking since he took office is neither his ideology (faint), nor his agenda (small-ball), nor his governing style (laid-back), nor his partisanship (run-of-the-mill) but the disproportionate attacks by Democrats on a governor whose record so far qualifies him as a moderate….

….Before Mr. Hogan took office, Maryland was a virtual one-party state, led by a Republican governor for just four of the preceding 45 years. Now Democrats, encumbered by a sense of entitlement and baffled by a middle-of-the-road GOP governor, seem bereft of a strategy and grasping for an agenda. They would need both to wrest power from Mr. Hogan if, as expected, he seeks reelection in 2018.

None of this is a surprise to readers of Red Maryland or our listeners. The Democrats started turning on the crazy barely a week after Governor Hogan’s election, and have been going full throttle ever since. Greg Kline literally wrote about the playbook that the Democrats would use three days after Governor Hogan was elected. If you read it, you will notice exactly how familiar it sounds in today’s environment.

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Today, Hogan Derangement Syndrome manifests itself in any number of ways.  The Democrats crying racism over Governor Hogan’s plan to fund the city jail. The Democrats trying to seize control of public education at all levels. The Democrats overriding the Governor’s vetoes. The Democrats then complaining about their constituents contacting them to voice their frustration on them overriding their vetoes. The Democrats overreaction to the Governor’s comments about Spring Break (which manifested a hilarious Facebook page). The Democrats bad attempts at satire. The Democrats working to keep stacking the deck on Election Day. Rich Madaleno. They even started hinting that the Governor would endorse Donald Trump after he was endorsed by Chris Christie yesterday, and idea so preposterous as to be laughable. At every turn, the Democrats are working like crazy to try to combat the Governor.

Even on something as innocuous and bipartisan broadcasting General Assembly sessions, they get their little digs in:

“Let the governor worry about the second floor ok and we’ll worry about the first floor, ok?” Miller said. “The President of the (U.S.) Senate doesn’t tell the Senate how to run the Senate and the President of the United States doesn’t tell the Speaker of the House how to run the House. We’re on top of everything technologically and we want everyone to know everything and we want to continue to be transparent. We’ll look at all bills and consider all ideas and consider costs.

The Senate President had similar words for Busch when a reporter informed him that the Speaker of the House had said he supported the concept of live streaming video even if he hadn’t said he supported the bill.

“Again, the Speaker doesn’t control the Senate of Maryland.,” Miller said. “I put streaming here in the Senate and we’ll see if we need to continue it further.”

Miller also had a counter proposal for Hogan.

“I’ll put one of those cameras up in his office and he can talk to it all day long,” Miller said and started to leave the Senate. Then he stopped and added: “I’m not big on showboating. That’s not my middle name. I’m not a show horse, I’m a work horse. I get the goddamn job done.”

Seriously, what is the actual point of Miller’s throwaway line at the end of that? Though it gives us a great opportunity to include this photo.

The Derangement is already starting to poison the well of the 2018 election cycle as well, as the Post reports about Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker’s latest dip into the gubernatorial campaign waters:

“After a year I found out, guess what, that guy ain’t working with me,” Baker said Thursday night during a trip to meet business leaders in Baltimore County. “I believe this administration makes all of its decisions based on what it thinks is in the best interests of their political operation.”

The amusing thing about Baker’s comments is the fact that it is a deep look into the soul of Democratic administrations, not the Hogan Administration. You only need to look back at the O’Malley years to see an administration that spent eight years trying to use political manipulation and calculation to keep Democratic legislators in line and try to extract as much money from the pockets of taxpayers as possible so that Democratic special interests could be rewarded. Baker isn’t describing the Hogan Administration; he’s projecting the reality of every Democratic administration we’ve seen.

The Democrats are experiencing Hogan Derangement Syndrome because Governor Hogan is taking his message directly to the people, and the people are responding. The Governor is not letting himself and his work be defined by legislative leadership, or by the media, and certainly not by the Democrats. And the Democrats, who remain convinced that bipartisanship is a one way street, cannot adjust to the idea that people are fed up with one party rule and are wildly supportive of the Governor. It is not a coincidence that poll after poll after poll after poll shows Governor Hogan having the support of over 60% of the people of Maryland. It’s driving the Democrats nuts; even more so considering that the Hogan Administration is much more focused and policy oriented than the Ehrlich Administration was, which negates the number of unforced errors coming from the second floor and eliminates many of the easy opportunities to score political points the Democrats had during that time period. If history tells us anything, it’s that the we’ll be seeing more of these kind of outbursts from Democrats throughout the remainder of the General Assembly session and, very likely, through the 2018 General Election…..

….at which point I’m willing to bet that the voters will give them something to really drive them nuts; another defeat.

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