Hoeber Campaign Backtracks on Bongino Comments

In response to her ignorant comments about Dan Bongino’s campaign to the Cumberland News-Times, the Amie Hoeber campaign has backtracked on her original comments.

In a statement posted not by Hoeber but by her son to her campaign Facebook account, Hoeber said the following:

I have great respect for Mr. Bongino and his team. Of course he was a serious candidate. Indeed, he ran an impressive campaign. I’ve never said or implied otherwise. Unlike some of my opponents, I have tried to follow Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment and not speak ill of other Republicans. For anyone to twist a partial quote to make a petty attack shows how desperate some have become.

As for my campaign, as I stated in the interview, I am also a serious candidate and I intend to win this District back for the Republicans. And yes, my strategy for a Republican victory over John Delaney is based on having more resources and attracting more voters than my opponents in the primary and the general election. That’s what victory is.

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Enough of this petty sniping. Let’s focus on real issues.

There’s plenty of interesting things in this quote, allegedly from Hoeber, but posted by her son:

  • The statement does a 180 degree turn from what Hoeber told the paper about having “Great respect for Mr. Bongino and his team.” Some of the folks on her team are Bongino veterans, including Scott Ewart whose ScottE Software Development who received $1350 from the Hoeber campaign for “online consulting”.
  • The statement falls back on the 11th Commandment, which is the usual fallback position for liberal Republicans who are losing an argument. What the statement does not address is certain negative statements that Hoeber has made about fellow Republicans, including me. And says nothing, as RM contributor Jeffrey Peters pointing out, about the fact that the statement itself contained an attack.
  • The statement again falls back on Hoeber’s ability to rely on stroking a personal check both to her campaign and personal checks from her husband to the Maryland USA PAC to suppress her liberal positions as a pro-abortion, pro-O’Malley, pro-rain tax Republican to overwhelm the remaining actual conservative candidates who are running.
  • The statement declares that the campaign’s strategy is to get more voters than their opponents. That is, in fact, how you win an election yes.

The statement put out by the campaign, however, would probably have been better served has the campaign not so foolishly shown that it was put out not by the candidate, but by the candidate’s son.

However the real question about the Hoeber Campaign’s statement is the fact that we still have no idea what Hoeber’s thoughts about Dan Bongino’s campaign really are. Amie Hoeber implied to Greg Larry of the Cumberland News-Times that Bongino’s campaign was not a serious campaign. Amie Hoeber’s son puts out a statement, presumably to be the words of Amie Hoeber, that she believes something totally different.

It’s becoming very apparent that the Hoeber campaign is the gang that can’t shoot straight. But it’s obvious that the dysfunction with the Hoeber campaign starts with a naive first-time candidate who has never been involved in Republican politics before who thinks, just like Donald Trump, that she’s a serious candidate just because she’s rich. Republicans must do better in order to beat John Delaney this fal.

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