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Harford Democrat Goes on Unhinged Rant During Funerals for Sheriff’s Deputies

A member of the Harford County Democratic Central Committee went on an unhinged rant on the Facebook wall of Harford County Sheriff Jeff Gahler during the funeral of two Harford County Sheriff’s Deputies.

Tom Myers posted the following rant on Gahler’s wall as he was attending the funeral:

Dear Sheriff Gahler,

Your predecessor would never have allowed one of his fellow chiefs to use the tragic death of two of his deputies to make a political statement. Sheriff Bane was an honorable public servant who never let his political party or ideology get in the way of ensuring that his deputies have the resources and the morale needed to protect the citizens of this county.

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This letter from Jim DeWees, the Carroll County sheriff, incorrectly states President Obama has never made any statements condemning attacks on police officers. In fact, there are news accounts in the past year alone stating the President has done the opposite.

Sheriff, I may not have voted for you, but you have always been courteous to me during our meetings at political events and around the county. If you don’t take a stand and rebuke the sentiments of Sheriff DeWees, then your silence affirms that politicizing the deaths of two of your dedicated public servants in such a horrific fashion based on erroneous information is the new norm. I expect that from talk radio. I expect a lot more from you, Sheriff.

I hope you will do the right thing and take a page from the book of your predecessor, not only for your county but for your agency.


If you follow the logic of Myers, somehow Sheriff Gahler is supposed to control the thoughts and actions of a fellow Sheriff in another county. Carroll County Sheriff Jim DeWees shared an open letter to the President regarding his thoughts about the President’s reaction, or lack thereof, to the slayings of the two deputies in Harford County.

In addition to being a member of the Harford County Democratic Central Committee, Myers is self-professed comedian and according to his LinkedIn profile a Tournament Official with Ripken Baseball up in Aberdeen.

It’s hard to imagine how crass of an individual one has to be to man up and be a Facebook warrior during the funeral of two Harford County Sheriff’s Deputies who gave their lives in the line of duty. It certainly doesn’t say much for the Harford County Democratic Central Committee or Ripken Baseball that this individual is a member of their organization. Both groups should strongly condemn Myers and his actions and, in the case of Ripken Baseball, should ensure that Myers no longer has the opportunity to work with impressionable youth who might be vulnerable to his hate-filled rhetoric and anti-law enforcement propaganda.

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