Disconnect Between Local University and Staff

If you have not yet heard, a group of professors at Mount Saint Mary’s University recently launched an attack on President Simon Newman because of a plan that would allow for those who refused to attend class to withdraw and receive a tuition refund.

Two professors were found by the school’s Board of Trustees to violate the code of ethics in putting forth an inflammatory (and, from what it appears, incorrect in aspects) quote in the school’s newspaper that sought to hide from the real issue. Not only did they breach standard codes of conduct and the honesty required of faculty members, they did so to push a political agenda.

Why would the faculty push back against a policy that would allow those not actually attending the college to leave without being burdened by debt? Partially because they do not think it is “their job” to check attendance in classes or to care if students show up. The other part is due to the liberal belief that college is “finding yourself” and wasting a semester partying instead of studying. Neither view is appropriate for real educators, let alone those at a Catholic college.

The disconnect becomes even more apparent when the student body voted 76% to support President Newman. The student body consists of Conservative Catholics, who come to the school not to party but to be educated as part of their faith. The demographics of the faculty are far to the left of the students, and they do not have the students’ best interest in mind.

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The only supporters on the faculty’s side are liberal media types who want to wage an ideological battle against one of the United States’ most conservative of colleges. Most of the students and alumni have seen through the lies and realized that the professors had no legitimate grievance and the two fired acted irresponsibly.

This is a sad situation for our community, because it reveals an out of touch faculty that has no respect for institutions, for ethics, or for doing what is best for their students.

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