Capital Gazette No Longer Recognizes Hispanics

The Capital Gazette’s “Our Say” made a startling claim today in their headline: “Schuh will regret birth of an all-white school board.” The paper then doubled down on the claim, “Schuh’s legacy now includes ushering in the first all-white county school board” which represents a “failure to understand that diversity among leadership is needed to run a school system struggling to serve a diverse student body.”

Unfortunately, it seems that the editors of the paper did not know that one appointee, Maria Sasso, is Hispanic.

Perhaps they do not bother to read their own paper. Elisha Sauers reports for the Capital Gazette that, yes, the single black representative will no longer be present on the board, but there will be a new Hispanic member.

However, it could be very possible that the Capital Gazette does not recognize Hispanics as anything but white.

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Maria Sasso is a very prominent member of the Hispanic community. A Baltimore Sun article from 2000 describes her important influence in helping Hispanics adjust to living in Anne Arundel County when she served as President of the  Organization of Hispanic/Latin Americans of Anne Arundel County (OHLA). She also ran the Oficina De Asuntos Latinos in Annapolis.

She is a highly-qualified Hispanic woman with a background in both teaching and serving as a principal. Perhaps it is because she is President of the Hispanic Republicans and serving on board of the Republican Women of Anne Arundel County that the Capital Gazette has determined that she is no longer fitting to be “Hispanic.”

Maybe the Capital Gazette could benefit from having a minority in charge. After all, their Editor and Editorial Board are all old, white men.

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