Breaking: Marco Rubio is NOT Gay

“Gay panic” is an old technique that relies on rumor and innuendo to cast a negative light upon a political opponent. It is a cheap move that requires little evidence or effort to create the maximum amount of drama. Republican Presidential candidate Marco Rubio has become its the latest victim.

Let me be clear: Rubio is not gay.

I first noticed a series of suggestive pictures circulating throughout Twitter and Facebook of Rubio with accusations of a salacious manner. Here is one such picture: a rubioIt might be hard to tell, but that is Rubio under the “O” during a high school contest called the “King Cobra” in which athletes compete in various silly events to be that year’s champion. The mascot of South Miami Senior High School, Rubio’s high school, is the cobra.

Unscrupulous websites, including many of the liberal perspective, have tried to claim that Rubio was acting as part of a gay dance troupe, which is utterly ridiculous. It makes no sense to attach the claims to the above photo which previously circulated for years as an innocence high school picture. It seems like the editors of those clickbait and hatebait sites assume no one will do a Google image search to determine the picture’s origins.

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In addition to the above picture is one proclaiming Rubio was in a “bubble party” by showing part of the back of a head of a vaguely Hispanic looking individual. We won’t even dignify reproducing it because there is nothing revealing enough to suggest any identity. You can search for it yourself.

Finally, there is the claim that Rubio was arrested for having gay sex in a park that was supposedly known for being gay hookup location. The evidence for the latter half is that the park was speculated to be a source of drug use and prostitution but nothing else. As for Rubio, the Washington Post sets the record straight: “He was arrested one night in May 1990 for being in a crime-plagued public park after closing time, according to police records and an interview with a friend who was cited with Rubio that night.”

The actual incident? Drinking at the age of 18 in a park after hours. It was also dismissed.

This election has involved some of the dirties tricks used by people in every campaign, and it is rather startling to look at what is being discussed on Facebook and Twitter. I spend a lot of time fact checking liberal fact checkers (part 1 and part 2) and setting the story straight when it comes to liberal attacks. It really annoys me when conservatives start adopting those same liberal lies to bash each other.

I have defended and promoted every Republican. Yes. Every. Single. One. What matters most is that the other side is far worse than anything the Republicans could ever offer. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

Let’s focus on the issues and have some dignity when it comes to the presidential election. As James Madison argued in the Federalist Papers, what matters most is trying to find men of character and virtue to govern us, but we do not deserve such people if we keep relying on these petty attacks.

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